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November 08, 2007


S Catmull

It's great to see progress in the commercialisation of cellulosic ethanol. But I wonder how much energy is consumed in the process of converting the feedstock to end products?

James Hughes

It is a first step, but they might be better off using this process to make diesel (minimum change in catalist and reforming) this is easier to ship and higher energy density. A far better cellulosic product is 2,5 Dimethyl Furan.

Ken Talton

Step 3: ??????
Step 4: PROFIT!! :)

Seriously, why would 2,5 Dimethyl Furan be a better product than a diesel analog? It has lower energy density.

(I'm just a layman, so I'm probably missing something)

John Cranor

In my opinion, ethanol will always be a small scale part of the motor fuel solution and it is still unproven that the economics work. I believe resources are better applied to finding electrical energy and improving development of electrical vehicles.


Alternative energy is an interest I have pursued and researched for years. Thank you. John

Thiago Prado

Brazil is investing a lot of money in researchs for Cellulosic Ethanol.

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