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November 24, 2007



This would seem to be a step forward for portable electric storage systems. The ultracap can efficiently absord or put out significant short lived energy spikes, while the battery allows significant long-term storage capacity.

I would presume that the ratio of capacitor energy storage to battery energy storage would be fairly low 1 to ten or possibly 1 to 100. Quick charging the capacitor inorder to leisurely charge the battery would not be effective in this case. Ultra-Caps are really amazing in their capabilities, but I've never seen any information on cost. Presumably it is quite high per KJoule?


Ucap will cost $0.02/Fara in Maxwell. That is $54 to a 2600F with 2.7V Ucap, $20/Wh.
USABC want $0.15/Wh in PHEV battery, doest it?



How to say "yes" in Mandarin? "Aye-yup"?


So if I want to use uCaps to provide regenerative-braking/accelleration I get the following cost:
for 1000KG car to 30M/sec.
E=30*30/2 * 1000 (Joules)
at $180/Joule from your figure that means the Cap will cost be $2500.

If thats even remotely correct, it would explain why we haven't seen uCap based hybrids. Seems to me they have to drastically reduce the price to have any hope of being more than a niche player.

Paul Holmes

Isn't MIT going to be to market in 5 years with their carbon nanotube ultracapacitor? That can store about half the energy of lithium ion batteries. And who's to say half is optimal. It seems to me that there should be a trillion dollar U.S. manhattan project to develop cheap ultracapacitors to fundamentally change our transportation industry.

Bill Bollinger

Can anybody out there provide a "Retail" price list of Maxwell Technologies Ultra Cap's.
Guessing prices of products is no way to go.


It is very nice if they can do that because the world now a days has truly evolved.

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It would be nice if there be a vast evolution of things that are commonly used to fit today's needs.

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Very informative and well written. It'll be interesting to see the developments in the coming years!

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