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November 24, 2007



we would like to represent your organization in Pakistan. Plz send us detailed information.


Doug W

I bet your Nigerian cousin needs an account to wire his $20 million inheritance to as well.


Two issues though.

1. This is just another variant of rapeseed.
Something which is already far too GHG dirty to even consider prolonged use of.

2. "Until "If biodiesel from algae becomes a commercial reality"
Is that ever going to happen?
I mean maybe when we feel like paying $20-$30 per gallon.

The thermodynamics just don't pencil in for biofuels.



Kit P

The purpose of biofuels in Montana is energy security. While GreyFlcn may want measure everything to the yard stick of ghg emissions, he is in serious need of help. There is no reason to think more nitrous oxide will be produced by Camelina that what is already growing in Montana.

The ability to rotate with dry land wheat may actually reduce ghg emissions.


Cheap Energy > All?

So by that measure, we should just liquify
coal and be done with it?




I liked your reference, it is clear that for any biofuel production to be sensible, it needs pretty low cost per meter squared. That probably means that for Algae nothing more complicated than a floating pool cover is affordable. I've always thought the Greenfuels stuff was laughable -but of course some investors are losing money on it.

John Bushelle

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