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November 29, 2007



This sounds like another good step towards an alternate energy system.

I have one question with all of these inventions. If we run out of oil, how will we make the plastics etc. that all these ideas are made with if we have no oil? Or is there some other synthetic material that can be used?


"I have one question with all of these inventions. If we run out of oil, how will we make the plastics etc. that all these ideas are made with if we have no oil?"

Please tell me you're not serious.


No Mike I'm not serious, I always ask questions that I have the answers to....

If I was a smart as you I wouldn't have to ask any questions.



First of all, we are not going to run out of oil. It will just become more expensive and we will move to alternatives. Secondly, the amount of oil used to make plastics is a small fraction of the amount used for fuel. Finally, plastics can be made from oil produced from biomass. If your question was legitimate, then I apologize for being insulting.

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You read this blog... Right?!?!


Wake up and smell the hydrocarbons.

Paul H.

I remember the thin film battery breakthrough that Popular Science wrote about in the mid 90's. I marked it in my mind. They said it would lead to electric cars with much improved range. The 'idea' was given to a canadian film company (I'm not sure what type of film exactly). It then fell off the face of the earth. Now this re-emerges, and ExxonMobile's name is all over it. Did they shut down the research in the direction of cars until now? Does anyone remember the Popular Science article?


If you look at the advantages and disadvantages listed on the Li-ion wikipedia page, it makes me wonder if this is really worth it. They are going to have to improve it *a lot*.

run your car on water

will this be a good thing or not.

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Very informative and well written. It'll be interesting to see the developments in the coming years!

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i love your: ''Exxon: Film May Lead to Car Battery that is Lighter and Safer'' article, it's interesting that the thin film separator for the lithium-ion batteries can be used in cars!

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this technology is so good. i hope it gets better.

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it really nice article, very informative, This sounds like another good step towards an alternate energy system.

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This article was informative, but I thought that there were more options when it came to using the suns energy. What about using solar energy on a large scale? How do solar farms work? Do solar farms use the same types of panels as residential properties? If solar energy is supposed to help wean our nation off of fossil fuels then I assume that we will have to think bigger than roof top panels. Can anyone give me more information on other types of solar technologies?

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Let see how things turn out this year. I am interested to see what is comming out.

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That prototype picture is interesting I didn't know that's what film looked like. Lol

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