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November 24, 2007


Jenny - Solar Energy Expert

... those numbers about the production of oil are really informative. and i am sure scientist will find more and more oil reserves in future that allow an increase of the total production, the problem is just going to be that it will be very costly to get oil from the new discovered reserves. Also more and more cars are being driven each year. I think the companies should start to mobilize more power and funds in renewable energy.

... i recently also came across some very interesting opinions about that topic on the page Solar energy for the earth


I have no confidence that future discoveries will allow for increases in overall production. Which makes it all the more important that we reduce fossil fuel usage.


Jenny, the natural gas being depicted are for fossil fuels; demand for CNG vehicles in the public sector are rising. Only Europe is integrating solid and liquid waste streams to produce bio-gas and use it to fuel buses, commuter trains and public vehicle fleets.

natural gas

Good post.The most important aspect of the EIA's report was the unprecedented increase in natural gas reserves. This reflects the rapidly growing importance of unconventional gas resources—such as coalbed methane and gas trapped in shale formations—in domestic production.


want u natural gas price above 5$ per mmbtu but is very low comperison oter fuel commodities

domestic wind turbine

We need to spend more money on research and green energy. I think time is running spare. too much discussion around the problem and not enough around the solution.


We have a surplus of natural gas which is curbing prices and hurting the domestic gas industry. Solution???? Let's add to that surplus and further cripple domestic job seekers (like we have done for oil) by importing Middle Eastern LNG! Please tell me this is a joke.


I will probably buy natural gas than oil because it’s so depressed .UNG etf 7.48


The post is good and it focus on the aspect of the EIA's report and natural gas reserves. I expect more number of post which will provide additional info to investors. Please visit http://investmentsinenergy.com for more articles.

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It burns cleaner than coal and does not leave behind large amounts of cinder and ash that require proper disposal.

Inspection of Work

Only Europe is integrating solid and liquid waste streams to produce bio-gas and use it to fuel buses, commuter trains and public vehicle fleets.

Air Purifier

Hmm, natural gas increasing is good...right??

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Scary that the crude reserves are getting lower...very scary...

Mark Peirano

More oil off the coast of California than in all of Saudi Arabia, perhaps a deal could be made to provide 1/3 of the revenue to anyone who would drill and pump the oil, 1/3 of the revenue to the State of California (and perhaps save them from bankruptcy), and 1/3 of the revenues split per person that lives in California (approximately $27,831.00 per household).
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Alaska, et al. pay their citizens a portion of the oil revenues....perhaps Californians would benefit from $20,000-$30,000 per year once production levels were reached?

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