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November 21, 2007


Kit P

petr, BC is one of my favorite places too except when those Canadian Yahoos are polluting Washington State's lakes with mercury. When Washington State issue a warning to pregnant women about eating fish, the source of the mercury was a smelter in Canada.

“And yes Im prepared to pay a carbon tax, are you?”

No, because because a carbon tax will not reduce ghg emissions. Those who claim to want to protect the environment should spend more time looking for real solutions for real problems.


well, a cap & trade system on sulfur dioxide imposed in the mid-90s has led to acid rain reduction.. I dont see why a similar system would not work with C02.

and just because I live in BC doesnt mean that I believe Teck Cominco has a right to dump mercury anymore than US coal plants have with sulfur dioxide into Canada..

while you're at it you might want to ask Mexico whatever happened to the Rio Grande.

your comment above that public opinion does not build power plants says it all..

If it werent for public opinion wed still be
in the 19th century - freely polluting, child labour etc.

Kit P

“I dont see why a similar system would not work with C02.”

I would not expect petr understand since he is not an environmental engineer. To solve a problem you need two things. A problem and solution.

US environmental regulation have been very effective at solving problems. Washington state warnings on eating fish were endlessly cited as reason to regulate coal power plants for mercury. However, that source of mercury had already been fixed. That problem was solved.

I think there are a whole list of smarter ways to address AGW. Why are environmental activist so interested in ineffective solutions?


when we dont have an answer we get patronizing and arrogant kitp?

US environmental policy? ha.. it was written
by Dick Cheneys cronies in the oil/gas/coal industry. Fox guarding the henhouse.

and oh yeah - public opinion has spoken in Australia and turfed the Howard govt. I guess they realized after 5 years of drought that global warming is not so good for Australia after all.

air jordan

Your articles and photos are really shock me. The pen can be a weapon! You are a talented writer with a pen, and maybe you will be a great politician with the power given from citizens.

Steam Coal

The use of sophisticated software systems for coal mining (thermal coal, steam coal and metallurgical coal) that is mostly burnt for power generation and steel production and adds to the greenhouse effect is valid for western countries who may allocate resources and funds to alternative and more greener sources of power. Some of the alternatives may be "safer" than the traditional mines. Unfortunately, coal reports and coal statistics show developing economies are more likely to increase their use of thermal coal & metallurgical coal in coming years because of its affordability and to meet increasing demands for electricity and steel. Whether they will embrace and utilise sophisticated software systems that no doubt add to the cost of production is yet to be seen. Cherry of www.coalportal.com


Have you seen whats been reported in coal industry and coal reports lately? The latest coal market news is that emerging countries are predicting to use large amounts of thermal coal for power generation and coal mining for steel production and they are investing heavily onshore and offshore to secure the coal they need so that they can meet increasing demand for electricity and steel. Cherry of www.coalportal.com

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