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November 03, 2007


Kit P

It will be interesting to see if the California Energy Commission can process a an application for a large solar thermal plant in California faster than the NRC can process an application for a nuke plant in Texas. Bet on Texas, if building renewable energy and natural gas projects is any indication.


Ideally, such towers would have a standardized design and the permitting process would be sufficiently swift such that small investors with ~$100mil could set up and operate 100mw plants.

If the barrier of entry was at that level, capital would flood in, I guarantee it.

Kit P

GreenPlease good thought but I have to ask what planet are you from? The irony here is that the environmental portion of a 100mw thermal solar plants will take just as long as the environmental portion of a nuke plant. Wait for the save the giant tortoise society to intervene.

I do not know the actual fraction but a significant amount of renewable energy contracts approved by CEC are for projects in other states.


Hi everyone, I’m curious to know how I can get into the solar energy distribution business. I am an entrepreneur and have been watching this industry blossom, now I want to begin researching costs, fees, grants, regulations, and contracts (with local or state energy groups) to see if I could possibly get some investors involved in building a station.

If anyone can help me, mentor me, or just point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it, I’m not some big shot business man, I’m just a guy with lots of creative ideas and the will to succeed.


[email protected]

Kit P

First you need a complete lack of ethics. You must be willing to take money from people by promising something you can not deliver.

A 400 MW Solar Tower System for California might cost a billion dollars and take 10 years to build. The steam plan will have about the same environmental impact of a 400 MW nuke plant for AGW.


Kit P, Thank you very much for your response. What about something on a smaller scale something that could help smaller cities, suburban cites instead of big metropolitans, you know start small end big. As an example the city I live in is Simi Valley that has a population of 111,351 (from the 2000 Census report) and lots of unused land. For a city like this what would I be looking at as far as plant sizes and annual watt distribution?

Again thank you very much for taking time to answer my questions I appreciate your advice and input. I hope you can continue to help out in this process.


Arif Izmirlioglu

Dear Sir Will you give me more details abaut your solar generator systems


what we’ve got to do is use energy as an opportunity to actually jump-start economic recovery. We need to quickly move toward energy efficiency. We should require the utilities to begin to work for energy efficiency and conservation, costs that will be shared and decrease the pressure on families. We need a weatherization and low- income heating emergency program that is out there now helping families in New Hampshire and elsewhere to cover their costs. And we need to look at how doing what is right about energy is not only good for our security and good for the fight against global warming, but it will be essential in dealing with the economic challenges that we face.
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 brittany morrison

hey yall i just wanted to say i hate the fact that we are in global warming so i think this is a solution


I think big things start one step at a time. This is good news though. Kudos!!

F. Eggers

What provision does the system have for generating power when the sun is not shining?



Display Energy Certificates

Solar towers are used to raise the observation equipment above the atmospheric disturbances caused by solar heating of the ground and the radiation of the heat into the atmosphere.


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Great news for California and a huge step towards development. Hope it continues the same.

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