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October 13, 2007



Charging stations will probably be combined with parking meters in parking lots. You might have investors installing them all over the place. Just insert your credit card and top off your battery while you shop.


They'd pretty much have to be covered parking spaces. Charging stations exposed to rain are a no-go. The most likely scenarios are charging stations in parking garages and maybe roofing over part of existing parking lots for charging stations.
Even with safety interlocks, I wouldn't want to try plugging in a 240 volt power source in the rain. 480 volt, quick charging stations would be a nightmare in a wet environment.


As an electrician outdoor charging stations would not be a problem with the rain. There are waterproof sockets situated in a number of places and these would be covered with RCD protection.

In California a large number of charging stations are situated outside and it does get rain there.

In the states it is either 220v or 110v or similar. So it is not a 3 phase supply for charging the batteries.


120 volt stations = sure. 240 volts in the rain = maaybe... 480 volt quick charge in the rain = not my cup of tea, thank you. Now maybe a watertight, inductively coupled interface might be better for open air chargers. Just my 2 cents, for all I know maybe that was their plan all along.

A Greener World and A Dream Most Possible™

A Greener World and A Dream Most Possible™

Explosive Growth
Global warming has highlighted the urgent need for consumer friendly electric vehicles. Electric bike production in China accounts for about 90% of the world’s total production according to a report from the Development Research Center. Lest year, 12 million electric bikes were produced with production expected to reach 30 million by 2010. According to IDTechEx, the electric vehicle (EV) business is booming with sales of $16.2 billion U.S. set to grow eleven fold to $177 billion U.S. in 2013. Vehicles in this sector include industrial, commercial, wheelchairs, two wheel (bicycles and scooters), four wheel (golf carts and cars), military, mobile robots and marine applications. But the adoption has been slowed due to poor performance characteristics. Today’s LEV, and EV have limited range, long recharge times, poor acceleration, short battery lives, poor hill climbing ability, and high torque output produces heat in the motor windings that must be removed to avoid motor, controller and battery damages. The “electric propulsion system (EPS)” or “power train” is the heart of any EV/LEV. All of the EV/LEV applications are potential buyers of the EPS.
The unique, state-of-the-art proprietary one-stop Single Vendor Electric Propulsion System (EPS) solution technology solves all EV/LEV drive-train's challenges
The company is positioned as a supplier of entire power train of battery, motor, and controller to its customers (EV/LEV makers).
 The company EPS are highly cost effective patented multi-winding permanent magnet (PM) brushless DC electric motors and intelligent softgear controllers, which control energy delivery to deliver maximum efficiency of output and power, prolong the life of the battery and reduce recharge time for EV/LEV markets
 Each winding virtually functions as one motor therefore providing “multiple motors in ONE”.
 Different virtual motor is used for different operations, such as “starting, accelerating, cruising, climbing steeper hills, etc.
 All virtual motors are controlled by the softgeared controller
 The company EPS solution significantly decreases the currents when higher torque output is required, such as startup, accelerating, climbing... solving these heating issues-“the winding temperature rise will eventually cause insulation breakdown, leading to heat flow to the rotor. In turn, this heat can demagnetize the high-energy magnets in the rotor...", avoiding motor, controller and battery from being damaged”
Double winding motor EPS configuration Performance Comparison Matrix Source: Company (2006)

 The company EPS solution for use in all EV/LEV will allow the speed and distance constraints of electric powered vehicles to be greatly expanded. And it also will change all EV/LEV performance characteristics and accelerate the adoption of EV/LEV.
 Most customers for motors are the vehicle makers – who would prefer a one stop source for the complete EPS system including motor, energy storage, controls, user interface and wiring harness. (All at a very low cost … of course!). Because most vehicle builders come from bicycle or motorcycle business, they do not have the experience or knowledge to integrate EPS themselves – they want to buy a complete solution.
 The company provides unique, proprietary one-step single vendor EPS source - “It is not just about motor…”, avoiding that “it is the software guy“– says the hardware guy; “No! – It is the hardware” says the software guy.

The company Product Technical Specification Cases
80-250W 36V double winding motor configuration 250-350W 48V double winding motor configuration 250-350W 48V triple winding motor configuration
High Speed: 280~266 rpm High Speed: 400 rpm Start Speed: 586 rpm
High Torque Speed: 220~210 rpm High Torque Speed: 320~290 rpm at electric current 7.5 amp High Torque Speed: 460 rpm at high speed: 500~520 rpm
Proven New Market/Technology Management
Management - Always a Key Ingredient for Successful Execution. Management at Magdyno is a unique blend of experienced marketers and manufacturers plus the “idea” guys. Our management team includes successful Chinese, Canadian and American leaders, who are proven entrepreneurs of change and creators of innovative business models that drive revenue and shareholder returns. In addition, we have world class technical experts and leading professors behind our products.
A Different Kind of Technology Company
Most new technology companies need to start from scratch. They have no products, no markets, and no contracts. Magdyno is different. Magdyno is positioned to be a paragon of the Green Energy industry as a supplier of entire power train of battery, motor, and controller to its customers (EV/LEV makers) to significantly increase energy efficiency of EV/LEV applications with ZERO AIR POLLUTION (ZAP) emission and No Noise (NN)
The company has spent years developing its industry-leading products and is now shipping them into LEV market. We need to ramp up production quickly in order to capture major market share.
Target Market
E-Bike Markets
Our initial target market is the electric bicycle industry. Below is the historical and estimated current predictions of electric bike sales in China (excludes exports) based on numbers given by the NDRC, Electric Bikes Worldwide and ExtraEnergy.org

Electric Wheelchair and Scooter Markets
Worldwide power wheelchair and scooter all terrain and regular personal vehicle markets have shifted dramatically in the last year. Vehicles are useful as personal vehicles in controlled settings, going beyond medical necessity to personal transport. Most vehicles are paid for by Medicare or private insurance as users are usually not as mobile as they wished. There is a small proportion of the market that is not paid for by public or private insurance. Scooter and power wheelchair vehicles are used in shopping settings, airports, in gated communities, and for local transport. Scooters and power wheelchairs are evolving a market presence that goes beyond handicapped transport to personal transport. Forecasts for 2006-2012 indicate the start of fuel cell personal vehicles and electric vehicles with longer lasting travel capability. There is a measurable sub segment of the market that addresses all terrain vehicles. Power wheelchair and scooter markets are expected to grow as the baby boomers age. The aging of the population is expected to change markets. Older people need more support for continued mobility through disability. Rehabilitation becomes more prevalent. Power wheelchair, scooter, and all terrain market forecasts indicate strong growth based on new technology and demand from people wanting a vehicle in between a heavy expensive to drive car and a manual wheelchair. Wheelchair and scooter markets at $1.7 billion in 2005 are expected to grow to $5.3 billion by 2012. Power wheelchairs and scooters provide mobility and move the healthcare delivery system toward the lower cost homecare. (Source: www.researchandmarkets.com).
E-Cars Markets
The LSV Market
The market for LSV’s in North America (US) is beginning to develop. While the LSV category has existed in legislation for 10 years, the recent surge in gasoline prices in the US and “need to be green” has accelerated interest in this category significantly. A study by International Competitive Assessments indicates the global market for golf cart type vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles and utility vehicles has reached over 650,000 units with an end market value of US$2.5b. The California Air Resources Board notes a widespread need for LSV’s right across California. Interestingly, LSV’s in use in Europe total more than 200,000 vehicles on the road today, almost exclusively powered by internal combustion engines.
Urban Commuter/Neighborhood Market
While LSV’s have seen markets in the neighborhood/gated community markets for several years, the urban commuter market is now receiving attention. The urban commuter market has seen growing interest as gasoline prices have reached levels in the U.S. that make alternative energy choices attractive. In addition, there has been wide grass-roots emergence of energy self sufficiency since 2001 and the terrorist movement. Electric vehicles are viewed in the US a “patriotic” alternative.
Small Delivery-Institutional Market
With a bona fide LSV product available for the North American market, we fully expect the small delivery and institutional market for the ZENN to blossom. The ZENN would be very applicable to the small delivery market such as pizza delivery services, and institutional customers including parking enforcement, large complexes including university campuses, station car projects, resorts airports and military complexes. Interestingly, Microcar has found success in a specialized version of its LSV platform which incorporates a refrigerator and pizza oven for neighborhood pizza vehicles.
US Tax Incentives
With the drive towards reducing dependence on foreign oil, the US is providing incentives for alternative fuels and alternative energy solutions for many types of vehicles. Currently there is federal 10% tax credit available for the purchase of pure electric vehicles (up to $4,000). Other states and municipalities offer other incentives for owning and operating a zero emission vehicle.
EVs are being brought North America markets. The existence of these incentives could aid the success of the Magdyno’s market penetration in E-vehicle makers in USA/Canada, such as Zenn Motors (www.zenncars.com/) in Canada, Meyers Motors (www.myersmotors.com) and ZAP in USA (www.zapworld.com/) because all of their EVs are powered by conventional DC brushed motor technology.
Competition Analysis
Major Suppliers of EPS systems for LEV/EV applications are usually from different vendors. More than 70 motors and controller makers are in China. Also, National, Sanyo, Yamaha, Heinzmann, chachner, e-Cycle, MAC / BMC, Koll Morgan, TDCM, and Many others are suppliers of motors and controllers.
The following table shows the motor configurations for LEV/EV drive systems in Asian, American and European markets

China (brushed and brushless)
150 - 250 watt hub motors, gear reduction and direct drive, most common in China.
Low cost, not consistent in quality or performance, more than 70 makers, “good enough” for the China market and low price export market.
250 – 750 watt gear reduction hub brushed/brushless motors. Quite good, not cheap.
Japan (brushed)
250 watt bottom bracket drive used in Japan.
250 watt, designed for Japanese regulations – proportional drive PAS paradigm.
Some hub motors are used, including an American designed model for Sanyo
EU (brushed)
250 to 600 watt motors in a variety of configurations used in EU.
USA (brushed)
250 – 1,500 watt motors in a variety of configurations used in USA.
Magdyno (Brushless multi-winding motor and softgered controller EPS configuration)

Brushless Motors have the advantage

Hub Motors have the advantage
 Hub motors easily fit on existing frames and platforms.
 Hub motors use a space that is otherwise not used at all.
 This applies to almost all LEVs.
 There seems to be a nearly universal intuitive acceptance of hub motors by consumers.
Many designs of LEV/EV applications use conventional motor configurations. Heat dissipation and durability are major issues – also noise, cost and serviceability.
Poor LEV/EV performance is slowing consumer adoption due to following Customer Problems:
 Limited range between charges
 Expensive battery only lasts one year
 Limited warranty due to power train problems
 Slow acceleration from stop
 Slow acceleration from cruising speed
 Can't climb steep hills
 High torque output produces heat in the motor windings that must be removed to avoid motor damage
Important issues for LEV/EV consumers in rough order of importance are:
 Cost (Battery life is a major cost component)
 Range (how far on a single charge)
 Noise
 Torque (acceleration from stop and hill climbing)
 Reliability
 Weight
 Efficiency
Different customers are with different priorities
 Military and Police – silence, range, speed
 Industrial – range, reliability
 Some EU markets – reliability
Opportunities for future
Many designs use conventional motors, however, market needs better reliable, high performance and cost effective EPS suppliers
 Smaller size
 More efficient
 Cost effective
 Better torque characteristics
 More durable
 Better controller characteristics
 Better controller reliability
Magdyno’s awarded and patented multi-winding brushless motor and softgeared controller configuration technology is revolutionary innovation. Two motor in one" with patented virtual winding configuration design, makes any e-bike:
 go 50% further increases range of e-bikes (up to 50% further)
 increases battery life (lasts up to 50% longer before new battery needed)
 much better acceleration
 climbs steeper hills (up to 50% steeper)
 significantly removes the heating produced in the motor windings while high torque output to avoid motor/controller/battery damage
Emerging markets for LEV/EV size EPS
 Robots
 Industrial carts
 Personal mobility
 Trailers
 Recreational
 Others
Jerry Jiang
CEO and Chief architect
Phone: (1) 905.997.8081
[email protected] [email protected]
Magdyno Electro-mechanical Engineering Consulting Corp.
1498 Stillriver Cres. Mississauga, Ontario L5M3V5, Canada]

Alternative Energy

Great news and about time! My husband and I looked into purchasing an electric car 3 years ago but had no access to a charging station within reasonable distance to go to.

Alternative Energy

Sylvie Pollard

For decent batteries for the EV car manufacturers should take a look at WWW.deviceconduit.com


I believe that once again propaganda rules the day. I do not agree at all with off-setting our carbon footprint as I see this as more of a pay to pollute scenario. The emphasis should be on reducing the footprint in the first place. The key to this is education followed by enforcement. Car manufacurers are now being forced to look at alternative fuels, see here for latest news http://www.lease2u.co.uk/hybrid.php

Now leasing companies are also realising that they have to do their bit in promoting cleaner fuels.

Electric Scooters | Mobility Scooters | Power Chairs

Thanks for sharing this information! I believe that scooters are one answer to the growing problem of pollution and global warming! They are perfect for commuting within a city, or for any short trip. I also have a website about scooters that you may with to check out. Feel free to visit at: http://www.electricscooteroutlet.com Thanks again!

Hugh Philippin

The electric car is being used daily; Here's our press release on our use of an electric. By the way, as of today, the Zenn is still going as well as the first day we bought it. I am amazed there arent more on the road by the way. This thing is perfect for patrolling parking lots, campuses, parking meters and making local deliveries.

Pizza delivery
Zero emission

The first ZENN electric car on Québec streets to deliver pizza!

Quebec city March 4 2009 - The first street legal ZENN electric car on Quebec streets was purchased by Chic Alors!, a gourmet pizzeria owned by Hugh Philippin. Starting February 12th, Hugh started delivering his prize winning pizzas to neighbouring homes in a ZENN, a 100% electric vehicle whose name stands for Zero Emission No Noise. The car, a neighbourhood electric vehicle is limited to 40 kph (25 mph) and is assembled in Saint-Jerome, north of Montreal.

Hugh bought his ZENN as part of a pilot project launched by Quebec’s Ministry of Transport and the Société d’Assurance Automobile to test Low Speed Vehicles or LSVs on Quebec roads. “This project is taylor made for an application like ours plus it fits squarely [in] with our eco-conscious vision” says Hugh, an Engineer. He adds “In addition to being economical, this vehicle is assembled in Quebec and runs on electricity, a clean energy source in Quebec”. If all goes well with this car, Hugh plans on having more electric cars join his fleet of delivery vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that being green is an everyday preoccupation at Chic Alors!, so using an electric delivery car is just one more tool in a toolbox of eco-conscious actions taking place everyday at this restaurant.

About Chic Alors! - Established in 1991 at 955, Jean-Gauvin Street in Quebec City, Canada, Chic Alors! is a gourmet full service pizzeria best known for its quality and refined pizzas prized at culinary competitions in New York and Las Vegas in 2007. Chic Alors! is also known for inventing the now famous 4 in 1 pizza deal, a concept copied by many small and national chains both in Canada, the US and abroad.


Contact :
Sylvie Beaulieu
Tac Tic marketing
(418) 658-1761
[email protected]


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Eco Eagles

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Home Intercom Systems

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The company Product Technical Specification Cases
80-250W 36V double winding motor configuration 250-350W 48V double winding motor configuration 250-350W 48V triple winding motor configuration


I was searching for posts on either fitness and cycling when I came across this blog. Not quite what i was looking for but I will give it **** for effort.

Account Deleted

More importantly, it's not only the recreation that these scooters are meant for. It can assist you in transportation too. You would find it advantageous to park electrical scooters in public transit where the gas-powered scooters are prohibited. Familiar delay of 'ramping-up' of gas-engines too would be missing in Electrical Scooters while climbing uphill. Finally, you will surely enjoying a noise-free and less polluting drive.

Adeel Abbas

Well i Think its better than Fuel(Oil, Hi Octan, Diseal), Less Polluted, minimum expense. Thumbs up for electric car and Thumbs up for Uk for making electric Recharging Stations..

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