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October 05, 2007



Power from coal plants won't do Florida much good if it starts going underwater from GW, becomes a regular target of strong hurricanes, or CO2 regulations make it too expensive.  All construction of coal-fired plants without sequestration should be cancelled immediately, worldwide.


Engineer-Poet wrote: All construction of coal-fired plants without sequestration should be cancelled immediately, worldwide.

Following what logic? Why are coal plants currently under construction worldwide, given that your theory predicts that none would be? Is your theory, perhaps, wrong?


"Demand in Florida is also growing at twice the national average..."

Huh, that's strange. Most of my friends in florida are planning to move out of state because of housing and insurance costs. Are there really that many people moving TO florida? Must be all those ex-pat Brits fleeing the UK.


"Why are coal plants currently under construction worldwide, given that your theory predicts that none would be? "

Why deliberately misinterpret EPs post? Seems to be either a lack of intellect or you don't have any real counter argument. Which is it?


IGCC seems inferiour to DCFC.

If it's a cleaner, more efficient, sequestration-upgradable coal power technology that is needed, then DCFC makes more sense.

And if the E-P will have his way, these will still be useful later on for oxidizing de-torrified or pyrolized biomass.

Kit P

averagejoe, just repeating what the news media reported about industry industry claims for Florida but it sounds reliable as far as prediction about the future go.

Nucbuddy, E-P's logic is based on a fundamental ignorance of science, the production of electricity, the environment, climate, and geology. He is very good at if this, maybe that.

There is no evidence that sea level has changed much in the last 12,000 years from glaciers melting. It did change a lot from 20,000 years ago to 12,000 years ago when the massive glaciers covering the the norther hemisphere melted. The climate is more less at a steady state.

We should not fault E-P's logic too much. He is just a useful idiot repeating the AGW hoax. With a 100% certainty I will predict the climate will change. The small fraction of ghg that comes from human activity, will contribute to warming. However within a 95% confidence interval, the contribution will be insignificant.

Suggesting that 'Florida ...if it starts going underwater' is a hoax and should not be the basis for banning coal plants.


Nucbuddy doesn't seem to understand the difference between a theory and a suggestion.

Kit P doesn't seem to understand that if you want to clarify someone else's critique about another post, you do actually have to read, and subsequently understand, the post that is being critiqued upon.


Kit P is a joke which ceased to be funny.

DCFC is definitely more efficient than IGCC.  However, IGCC is here now, while DCFC hasn't been taken very far past the lab yet (if at all; I'm not following the progress).  We can boost efficiency and sequester carbon with IGCC, so that should be the gameplan for now.



What effect might a move away from direct-fired coal powerplants have on the concrete industry?

More than half of ready-mixed concrete contains fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag, silica fume, metakaolin, or other pozzolanic materials.

IGCC produces ash and/or slag, so the raw material won't go away.

Now that you mention cement, I wonder if it may not be cost-effective to add a cement plant as a part of an IGCC plant and sequester the carbon.  The temperature of coal gasifiers reaches the range of the sintering temperature of cement, but I'm not sure how costly it would be to use that few hundred degrees of temperature drop in the hot syngas to make cement.


...And IGCC slag can be used to partially make cement clinker.

One of my concerns would be that the fly-ash produced by IGCC is different from that produced by pulverized-coal (PC) powerplants.

Another of my concerns would be that the rate of production of fly-ash from IGCC is significantly lower. The concrete industry continues to grow at exponential rates, and fly-ash costs continue to rise -- even without the production-volume-reducing effects of IGCC.



I have been working in power station operation and bit of commissioning in UK,USA & India.

I have got a new contract in Uk for an Insurance company doing power generation plant risk assesments.

Can anyone help me doing this please !

Kit P

Yas, you do not say if you are evaluating economic risk for the insurance company or risk reduction for employees and the public. In any case, they should have a systematic approach to reducing risk and maintenance while consistently documenting compliance.

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