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October 01, 2007



So THAT'S why Doc Brown was using garbage to fuel the DeLorean...


I've been hearing about these things, but knowing that fouled up electrodes can ruin fuel cells, I'd assumed they were impractical. Do we have any readers who know enough to comment on the prospects?


I see that the new process can generate 1 to 1.5 kw per cubic meter of material. Quite a long ways from powering a car...


I think a few wastewater treatment plants may be using something like this to become self sufficient in power. Perhaps this sort of thing could be used for stationary power generation in rural areas? I suspect you can't quickly turn it on/off, i.e. it is probably not very dispatchable.


Hi bigTom, I don't think one would be concerned in turning it on and off. It's a cell like a battery. When you connect a load to the cell the reaction supplies the current. When you disconnect the load the cell reaction stops.


Would be great to feed it with your garbage disposal instead of filling up landfills. What comes out after the fuel is used?


JohnBo; I doubt the micro-organisms quit metabolizing when you stop drawing current. Presumably the potential energy liberated during such a period is wasted. Unless it is being stored in chemical form.

Alt Fuel Fan

Recent efforts into Hydrogen Fuel research have uncovered an improved method for creating hydrogen gas - the process utilizes microbial fuel cells to produce carbon-neutral hydrogen with *nearly 300% more energy than current procedures.

skid steer loaders

This stuff amazes me. I can't believe this isn't talked about more.

Made in China

Made in China


They should build more of this and promote it.

Cebu Pacific Promo

Nice one.

Chicago General contractor

I am beginning to understand that biological power systems offer a number of advantages. Biological systems may offer a high power-to-weight ratio

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