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October 17, 2007



I tested a 2.1 liter naturally aspirated DI industrial disel on a precision eddy current dyno and used a Hy-drive hydrogen generation system. The engine tested is a much smaller engine than used in the trucking industry so the effect should have been noticible if there is any truth to the story.
There was no measurable effect on fuel consumption.

Mount Panorama Hot Laps

If anyone is interested, you can now buy the experience of a lifetime - Hot Laps in a Porsche Race Car driven by Australian Motor Racing Legend - 'The Master', Jim Richards at Mt Panorama Bathurst!

Truck Bed Covers

Good information about energy saving devices. As the demand and price for oil increases, these energy saving measures will be necessary to curtail costs and save the environment.

irrigation systems

i agree with truck bed covers. as the burden on natural resources increases, we will have to search for alternate methods for producing energy.

Belarus Kali

Nice post. This post is different from what I read on most blog. And it have so many valuable things to learn.

Engine Additive

Great Information and post! It is very informative and suggestible for the user of solar energy, May I think it can be beneficial in coming days...

vanessa alves

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Mudding Trucks

There is simple not going to be a change in oil usage as long as there is oil but it will be very expensive as long as it holds out.

CGS intake

It will be beneficial if it used nowadays on vehicles. It will lessen the effects of global warming.

Chevy HHR cold air intake

This innovation should be useful in many ways. In must be in demand now that times are tough on the environment.

aviation mechanic schools

All this data monitoring a little out of control. The problem is that if the system, meaning the truck, is dependand on the monitoring information, then is becomes a problem is the system fails. As we attempt to become more sophicated, we become more enslaved to technology. I love my old chevy truck with a 35o engine with no computer controlled crap.

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