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October 04, 2007



You're right.  This is another game-changer.

I checked the price of deep-cycle batteries at the auto store recently, and found them to be around $70 for something like the 105 AH unit I bought a few years ago.  This is about $56/kWh of capacity.  If 80% of this is usable and the battery can operate for 1000 cycles before replacement, the cost of putting energy through the battery is about 7¢/kWh.  Adding perhaps 8¢/kWh for off-peak charging and dividing by 80% battery efficiency, the total cost of energy at the terminals would be 17¢/kWh.

Put this into a PHEV consuming 300 WH/mile and the energy cost is 5.1¢/mile, including all depreciation (but not interest).  To beat that with $3.00/gallon gas, you'd need to get nearly 60 MPG.  Firefly Energy can bring the PHEV to the masses.

Nick G

E-P, I agree on the importance of this battery. Unfortunately, Firefly estimates the cost at $100-$150 per KWH, so the costs will be a bit higher than your estimate.

Still, 4x the performance at 2x the price is a big improvement. Plus, I suspect that PHEV's would get better cycle life than 1000 cycles, because of much better charge & temp management than in lawn tractors or trucks. Also, I thing 8 cents for off-peak is a bit high: check out www.thewattspot.com


“In trucking, this means our battery can be expected to last three to five times longer than the best performing valve regulated lead acid batteries.”
---three to five times----
Do you test it? I am a R&D Engeneer of lead acid battery(VRLA-GEL,TUBLAR-TRACTION).I master the VRLA battery performance and design!!It's impossible!!!


can be expected to last three to five times longer than the best performing valve regulated lead acid batteries

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This battery seems to be a really great seeing the characteristics above. Its really different on an ordinary battery

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Good move from Firefly.
Nick, please go ahead and explain why is it impossible to give long life than other batteries?

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Nick, Looking forward to hear from you as response for Trucking Dude's query.

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Good information about producing this truck battery. I hope Firefly produces a similar battery for cars, too.

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