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October 18, 2007


Vance Bedbug

Did they give a price estimate?

kent beuchert

A 100 mile range is a loser - this is a niche car best suited for small Pacific Islands.

Kit P

Are you referring to 'small Pacific Islands' that make electricity with oil and have no air pollution?


If you drive 100 miles a day, the problem is not the car. When electric vehicles become a part of daily life, charging stations will pop up all over the place. It's a lot easier to set up charging posts with credit card payment in supermarkets etc., than it is to put up a gas station.

Harvey D


I fully agree with you. Electric charge stations will not smell and could really be installed in many more places, even on sidewalks, parking lots etc.

The same credit card machine could be used to paid your parking + your battery recharge while you're at work.

Clean BEVs are the future. PHEVs may be an interim solution for long distance commuters.

David Stone

kent beuchert again bad-mouthing anything non-polluting.
Tell me, is the money you make from the status quo really worth the all the death and suffering caused by what you are involved in?

Most people drive far less than 100 miles per day.

The car is only a loser for those who do and don't have a second car with a higher range.

The pollution problem is worst in cities, where few drive long distances, and therefore very suitable for this car.

By the time chargers become the norm, energy storage will be much further.

Each technology has to start somewhere.

Dan Browne

100 mile range is a LOSER?

That's three times what the average driver drives daily.

You could EASILY do the same kind of driving that even a typical person does as long as you plug in every night.

It won't work for road-trips.
But for that you'd use a hybrid anyway.

In any event those who raise (in my opinion ill-thought-through) objections to electric cars (like "where would I charge if on a road trip) are forgetting how adaptive the companies are.

On a road-trip you could plug-in at e.g. motel 8 and pay for your electricity as part of your bill.

Anyone who ran out of electricity would be just as stupid as someone who runs out of gas on a road trip.

Moreover: as soon as these become mass market, SOMEBODY is going to come up with a standardized "range-extender" which could be plugged in at former gas stations.
(I'm thinking of a giant AA battery which you buy fully charged and drop off at another gas station).

So come on guys, the future is bright, not dark.

James Decker

If it were available here in the USA in my neighborhood (Ohio), I would strongly consider buying it. I rarely drive more than 100 MPD. I would love it.

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