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October 20, 2007


Tony Belding

If they can't manage anything larger than a 5 MW plant, it's going to take a huge number of such plants to displace fossil fuels on a large scale. 500 MW to 1000 MW coal-fired plants aren't unusual.


True. But I am heartened to find out the energy is there and commercially extractable.


Even if the plants are small, they could put in plenty of them.  Imagine a 1 MW plant which (because it has no emissions and can be sited among dwellings) doubles as a supply of district heat.


That was my first thought 4-5MW, a drop in the bucket. I doubt they will build thousands. Hopefully scaling to larger sizes can be done.


I imagine that the major cost will be the hole. Once the hole is built, the only other cost is the heat exchanger, something else that with proper care and maintenance, will last for a very long time. The pay back at current rates may be a long one but the energy is free and this power source could just sit there and churn out earnings for hundreds of years.

A real blue chip investment.


Leo, do the holes and other plumbing really have a long lifetime? I can imagine all sorts of desolved minerals which tend to deposit as the fluid temperature drops. Periodic replacement of many parts would be the result. Ongoing maintainance may be a substantial expense.

Jim Holm

After a few years geothermal wells tend to cool down the space around them and, depending on the insulating properties of the rock, put out much less heat long-term. The bigger the well, the bigger the cool-down.

Harvey D

Jim Holm;

Could a geothernal power plant use multiple smaller holes fair close together (but not too close) to enlarge the area and to slow down the deep underground cooling effect?

Could holes of various depth also help?


The problem with that is drilling holes costs money (and energy).

One of the things I covered at Clean Tech 2007 was an advance in organic vapor turbines by United Technologies.  They have a 225 kW turbine which can operate from very low-temperature geothermal heat (if supplied with a cool enough heat sink).  If the atmosphere can supply a heat sink at less than 40°F (~5 C), then a heat source at 75 C will suffice.  That same heat source is sufficient to supply both space heat and DHW, so the essentials are all there.


Geothermal plants don't have fuel logistics issues and a very small footprint, so distributed generation will be easier.

Pulverized coal is difficult to decentralize because it doesn't transport well in a decentralized manner. Which is why they cannot be small, and because of economies of scale, they have to be big anyway.

I seriously doubt that several hundred times Germany's current annual electric consumption worth of geothermal generation would be sustainable in terms of heat flux, no matter how the holes are drilled or the wells are managed.


There is another option for geothermal's future potential: offshore.

Take a look at this US geothermal map. Notice the best resource is off the shore off the northwest. A nice sweet spot near the fault line in the Gulf of California as well.

It makes sense: the crust of the ocean floor is much thinner than the continental plate crust, which usually amplifies geothermal potential in geologically active areas.

It probably will not be commercialized anytime soon, but offshore geothermal certainly deserves more attention as a long term energy option.

Maybe when offshore oil production starts to decline, some of the oil rigs can be converted to geothermal generation stations. Since most of the equipment needed is already there.


Europe Energised-----will lights go out in 2050?



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i agree with the last comment. we need to stay strong and keep our heads up.

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That is a great use of geothermal energy. A perfect example of how geothermal can be used for more than just heating and cooling a home.

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Theodore Sumrall

The ultimate goal should be the "PC of Energy". I remember when the main frame of my company would go out periodically. I could do nothing on the computer until it was fixed. Then the desktops came out (AKA Distributed Computing). The same thing needs to happen with energy distribution. A large number of small power plants supplying the needs of small communities (and large) is much better than a dozen or so large power plants. They are much less vulnerable to terrorist attack (either direct or through the internet) and the power generated can run down the lines which go down any 4 lane road (i.e. 120kV lines).

Theodore Sumrall

Not many people realize it, but Germany has historic volcanic activity. Wiki lists 22 dormant or extinct volcanos. So, the heat is there.

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This is a really creative idea for alternative energy. Unfortunately, this is something that is better left to smarter people than me. If there is ever a way for the internet to be involved, search in particular, then I might be able to help. haha. Really cool idea though.


I really think there is a feasible way to use this as a form of alternative energy. Technology will have to evolve to make it cost effective and efficient, though.

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