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October 09, 2007



It is good to see wind power technology advancing towards large unit sizes. An interesting similar development, American Superconductor has won a grant to develop a High Temperature Superconductor generator for a 10MW turbine.


why don't you put the generator at the base? or make the whole base a generator. instead of sticking it up in the air. where it is subject to weather and a pain to service.. just a thought

Cyril R.

don, the answer is simple: then you'd have to build a really long driveshaft or something to the ground. Which would be very long indeed for such a big windmill. And that means expensive.

Juan Perez

Very interesting. I am student at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg (Germany) and I am looking for dimensional features of generators for big wind turbines. Do you know where I can find tables of diamenters, lenght, weight of middle generators? This would be very useful for my Project.



Clipper's Liberty 2.5 MW is yet to prove its performance in the field. There is report that due to problems in gear system and blade, Wind Turbines have been dismantled early this year in the US. The theory appears to be very promising but reasons for the premature failures are yet to be made clear.


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This is very interesting and good for world.

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