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September 10, 2007



Looks great! When?? How much $$??


When the system is ultimately developed, traditional wheel brakes will be completely replaced by electrical brakes with minimal energy wasted through friction.

I wonder about this. This would require that the wheel motors (and the drive electronics) be able to generate enough reverse torque to (potentially) lock the wheels. This would require some fairly hefty drive motors, meaning fairly hefty unsprung weight in the wheels, which would compromise handling and add cost. In addition, continuous power would have to be sent to the motors to hold the car stationary while stopped on a hill.

Some sort of friction brake will still be needed to hold the car in position while parked on a hill.


Heh, well the car companies have to toss some monkey wrench in there to make it impractical ;D

They got sunk costs elsewhere.


Does anybody know about handing with a motor in each wheel? I read elsewhere that the increase in unsprung weight would have a severely detrimental effect on handling. But of course that was from a vendor promoting using a single motor to power a vehicle...


THESE ARE THE MOTORS http://www.pmlflightlink.com/motors/hipa_drive.html

John V.

Some electric motors don't have to be moving to provide stopping power. It is not reverse torq that does it. I had a 10 KW permanent magnet wind generator back in the 80's and 90's and you could stop the 23ft turbine nearly INSTANTLY (that's alot of mass to stop turning) by shorting the 3 phases together. If you left the shorting jumper wires in the box installed, you had to fold the tail over to the side on the turbine/generator to prevent the blades from being broken by the wind (bent backward, breaking the backbone of the blade so to speak) There was also an electronic rpm limiter built into the synchronous inverter that would electrically prevent the turbine from overspeeding over 350 rpm. That control essentially added resistance to the field windings, preventing current flow at the higher rpms and having a braking action on the spinning turbine.
In a word and with proper controls, permanent magnet electric motors can be essentially LOCKED UP SOLIDLY so there would be no need to have a friction brake at all, not even an "E" type brake like today's cars have.


This car sounds great. The motors can do the braking, even on a hillside. We are seeing a revolution in automobile technology. I believe the turning point where the average person (like me) can have a plug in EV is near. What fun it is to live at this time. The future looks great.


There are com disadvantages on the unspring weight issue. This said most people don't know how to drive any modern car even close to it's potential. There is however a definate advantage to having a true independent drive system for each wheel. The increase in a turning moment of enertia and the unsprung weight could be outweighed by the added flexability of a well designed traction control system. (the drive system can now help with yaw)


Oops, they plan on using LiPo batteries: http://blog.wired.com/cars/2007/09/hybrids-killer-.html

Maybe they'll install a halon system, or at least leave a fire extinguisher so the occupants have a chance in case of rear-end collision.


www.pmlflightlink.com copied original wheel motor of US patent and manufactured in China for so many years ago, if you check their Hi-Pa drive within ep.espacenet.com has no patent. Right now, they copied once again at SAE 2004 expo is against US patents.

We contacted with Volvo and Ford since their board of directors meeting on May 12, 2004 they played double-hand strategy, try to pull us down to chapter 7, 7&11, and 13, then they can buy out on liquidation.

Pray for God's righteousness, fairness and justice to help G1 Technology Inc fighting with old foxes and blood suckers.


HOW MUCH???$$$$$$$$



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Wow! And to think I just wipe it out. :) Great article.

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Thank you for information !Volvo is one of my favorite brand. Till now I have not seen the plug in system in any car. It is looking intresting one.

jason miller

Sounds good. ill only think about my monthly bills if ever.. :)

Thanks for the info but is this concept is applicable to all volvo wheels?

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