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September 03, 2007


Tom Konrad

Burning bitumen will probably make the carbon footprint of oil from tar sands even worse.

Nevertheless, it does seem like a forehead slapping moment, after all the talk of using nuclear reactors for process heat.


It is a bit strange when your next post to this is that global warming will possibly increase tornadoes and hurricanes to be applauding using a higher carbon content fuel to produce ever more carbon based fuel for us to pump CO2 into the atmosphere to make sure that the tornadoes and hurricanes become worse faster.

The oil sands may one day be regarded as the worst environmental disasters ever undertaken by humans. People often wonder how anybody could be so stupid as to introduce rabbits into Australia or cane toads that I am sure did not eat one cane beetle. Yet here we are with solid scientific evidence that global warming is going to be a future problem turning a landscape into a moonscape complete with toxic tailings ponds and releasing millions of tons of greenhouse gases just so we do not have to change our cars.

I guess we will go down with the person that released the first cuddly bunny into Australia so it would be more like England.


Natural gas is mainly used in oil sands development to upgrade the bitumen, i.e. supply hydrogen, so that lighter hydrocarbon fractions can be made. The practice has been to simply use some of this gas as a fuel for generating steam. Whether one uses gas or bitumen for this, it still qualifies as burning a raw material that would otherwise go into creating the syncrude product. Gas is expensive, but burning bitumen is horrendous from a climate standpoint.

Harvey D

Afew local up-to-date nuclear plants + 2000 wind mills may be a better, cleaner solution.


Natural gas is needed to reform the bitumen by supplying the extra hydrogen that is needed for this process.

Burning bitumen is horrendously polluting.

Burning synthetic crude (the output of the plant) is too expensive because valuable gasoline and other liquids can be refined out of it.

So you end up with burning natural gas for energy.

phoenix periodontist

For me that is not possible, it can be one of the cause.

Account Deleted

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