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September 11, 2007



Encourage your children to be electrical engineers and technicians as this is the future. JohnBo


Wrong picture.

David R.

Please show the correct picture.


The picture is INCORRECT... :P


non sembrerebbe...

wheel balancing

Excellent car! I really love electric car since its first launched.This is a good way to conserve the environment from zero CO2 emissions in every drive.Great job.

 wheel balancing

Certainly when new tyres are fitted.But driving conditions mean that tyres, even the most expensive don’t wear down evenly.Imbalance starts to creep back.You should therefore have your wheels re-balanced every 10-15,000 miles or sooner if wheel vibration can be felt.

used cars

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Leisa Dreps

Right now, the only question in my mind is would the time that it takes for the e-cars to be fully charged be worth it? Anyway, I'm contented right now in our progress with minimizing our carbon footprint, and I'm looking forward to future advancements.

Joseph Sterns

If we're going to look at efficiency here, the same question from Leisa Dreps applies. Is 55 kilometers really enough for a fully-charged electric car? What's its max speed when that 55 kilometers was recorded?

Cars for sale

Excellent performance by the car. Its the efforts of reducing the dependency on oil. Such inventions and efforts can revolutionize the automobile sector.

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