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September 10, 2007


Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

VAWTs (vertical axis wind turbines) are both efficient and quiet, making them more suitable for energy production in residential areas than previous wind-based renewable energy technologies. Many current VAWT models resemble eggbeaters, with two blades attached to a central shaft, which is in turn anchored in a power generator. Others have a number of large, flat blades protruding from the central axis; and still others have a helix of extremely light plastic surrounding the axis. They typically stand between two and five feet in height and the best ones are able to attain 30 – 60% efficiency, depending on where they are located.


Good vertical design. This vertical axis wind turbine is different with common vertical turbines. Especially in the rotor. But it is difficult to install if it is a 10 or 20kw vertical axis wind turbine.


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Vertical Turbines

Interesting read- the potential of these turbines is amazing.

wind turbine

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Tom Walk

Help Me? Can anyone tell me where to find information in purchasing a wind generator at a n affordable price 1200watts 48volts. I've found two on the internet: one from magnets4less.com and another from missouriwindandsolar.com prices with a controller are basically the same around 1000 dollars US. How does one decide which is best?

Brother Donald Paul

We purchased two of these contraptions to the tune of $14,000.00 in May of 2009. They were installed on our mountainside building site directly in the path of the prevailing thermals from the bay to our south. To date, fourteen moths later, they have not produced ONE SINGLE WATT of electricity. As early as a few months after installation, the company admitted the turbines and inverters were defective and promised a complete replacement of the equipment. As of July 2010..zero, zip, nada...We've been fed a constantly changing story from a constantly changing cast of corporate characters. They talk a good game, but fail miserably in actually following through on anything they say. So...while all of the techincal data is certainly fascinating, it means nothing because the company is unwilling and/or unable (likely both!) to actually supply the working equipment. Caveat emptor!

Ray Wilson

Although I am not against wind turbines in general, certainly they need to make to the next evolution. This wind turbine technology in the article may be not the freshest but not much has changed since. Of course, it would be better to have though a more silent version than 25dB because it still is noisy. If you want to go for solar energy instead, I suggest you visit my diy home solar panels blog for information how to build your own solar panel and save big on electricity.

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