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September 27, 2007



Made in USA? Cool...

"The EnerDel plan is to establish a base technology in the U.S. that can compete strongly with the Asian manufacturers in the production of HEV batteries. Many battery companies have transferred their production facilities to China in order to utilize the lower labor costs; however, quality stability is sacrificed due to the use of manual labor. Quality instability is a serious issue for automotive battery pack because one cell failure will ruin whole battery pack. EnerDel plans to produce quality, reliable products in the U.S. by automating many of the processes. This will allow EnerDel to lower the production cost while still maintaining reliable, safe products. It should be noted that large lithium based batteries have severe shipping restrictions which could delay the supply chain and compromise the production schedule of automotive companies. Therefore, having a U.S. based manufacturing facility will reduce complications for shipment and logistics for EnerDel..."


new ultra battery, cost nothing, unique, last forever .. blah blah blah yada yada yada. I think i have heard this tune before. several times.
put the batteries on the store shelves, and let us be the judge. until then, its just vapors.


Cost, cost and cost are the 3 reamaining issues with PHEVs. This could be big if it pans out.


"DOE Assistant Secretary for Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability Kevin M. Kolevar announced DOE will invest nearly $20 million in PHEV research."

OK, I think I've got it. We are spending $700 billion on our current overseas conflict and $20 million on the development of PHEV batteries. Yep, sounds like we've got our spending priorties just about right. Or, not.

Happily, press releases such as this one remind us that many organizations around the world are devoting significant resources to the Holy Grail of PHEV battery development. Will EnerDel be the winner? I'd bet against it. But somebody will be. And my great grandchildren will, no doubt, enjoy the fruits of their labor. Right, KERT?

And how about that title they have given to Kevin M. Kolevar? A beauty, that. How much do you suppose we are paying him?


Anybody know what size of battery in Wh or kWh they are talking about here? How can you know this is a good deal without knowing the energy storage capacity for comparison? Is this the 10 mile battery or 40 mile battery? Big difference.

I'm surprised that similar chemistry to Altairnano gives them only 1,000 deep cycles @ 95%. This is less than three years at one full charge and discharge per day. What was the time duration of each cycle? What happens to capacity at 2,000 or 3,000 cycles? Altairnano claims they can do 15,000 deep cycles (6 minutes each) which is over 41 years at one full charge and discharge per day. Seems like EnerDel is underperforming for this chemistry by an order of magnitude. There are several others using different Li Ion chemistrys achieving between 3,000 and 4,000 deep cycles, i.e. about 10 years at once per day. A123 has acheived 3,700 cycles at 87% capacity left. (Why is EnerDel running their tests at 55 degrees C? Seems kinda hot. Worst case testing?)

Energy density seems quite nice. What is power density of this battery?

Am I missing something or is there missing information? Maybe this is a better battery for replacing NiMH in HEVs than for PHEVs. If they want to use this for PHEVs then seems like they've optimized production before optimizing their battery chemistry. ...or is this just so cheap it doesn't matter? ...how can you tell?

Harvey D


Here is another solution I heard recently.

Mr. B... and friends bomb Iran and oil shoots up to $200/barrrel.

Oil Cos use the extra $100 billion/yr profit to gain control of lithium batteries and clean electric energy markets.

We progressively switch to PHEVs and EVs keeping the same energy suppliers.

No more imported oil, much reduced GHG, stable climate etc. Everybody is happy everafter.


I'm guessing that the $1500 price tag is for the PHEV-10 battery. If so, the PHEV-40 battery might cost approximately $6000. Sounds great... if they can deliver on their promises in two years. They do seem to have formed a number of strategic partnerships in order to access the needed technical expertise: Delphi, Argonne national labs, Itochu, Enerstruct, etc. If they can cherry pick the most advanced technical and manufacturing info, that certainly would give them a leg up over companies that try to do most of the research in-house.

Bob Leet

The RackPack2 beats the EnerDel system on every front including price plus it has more features at a lower cost and the actual patents. They are at www.deviceconduit.com

Sylvie LG Pollard

today 7th November, 2007 NYMEX price for oil shot up to over $98 a barrel. At the moment we are using 50k barrels of oil a second. The demand for oil has now grown to 9 times that of supply! The electric car is a no-brainer given these figures. Solar hydrogen power will provide the electricity for them in the future. We have all this technology today, it's the will we are lacking, all over the world unfortunately.Even if you are one of those idiots who doesn't agree with anthropgenic climate change, you have to admit we need a cleaner environment and an inifinite energy source. As a person who suffers with asthma, I am finding it harder to breathe with all this air pollution and their are many many more like me, many of whom are children.

jeff province

enerdel's technology is currently the best
Harvey D has a good grip on the situation
Altairnano - Nanosafe Battery Technology -
article available for print is a good explanation of the current (no pun) tech
that will for the present meet EV needs
the new anode material is the difference
enerdel's production line is up and running
their product is safe and ready for use
everybody should jump in and get their feet wet the water is fine check out www.enerdel.com the video intro of the battery is good

jeff province

I actually meant to acknowledge averagejoe
Harvey D might be a little extreme(watch-list)

Theo Critus

"Solar Hydrogen power" is definitely THE way to go into the future," states Captain Buck Rpgers. And since the ozone hole is no longer en vogue, it's good that you throw in "the children" for tears and sobs sake ! ! Gimme a (sic) brake ! ! Unfortunately, yes their (sic) are many many more like you. Be carful to avoid pieces of that falling sky!!

hybrid car owner

for hybrid vehicles, the addition of a new battery is very good. add mileage. price and capacity must also be considered.


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Humans will need vastly greater amounts of energy (thinking otherwise is delusional), and most people are convinced of the need for clean energy, rather than dirty.

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The idea of having electrolodes stacked on the top of another is just great and this is really an innovation which is worth emulating.

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