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September 05, 2007



So why don't we start immediately? There are several existing techs that can begin the process, get going now! We will need to attack the problem on multiple fronts, stop looking for the perfect solution.

How about farming fast-growing trees, and turning them into charcoal for fertilizer, or Terra Preta? I think the process will also generate excess heat, perhaps enough to generate some electricity to offset costs (in addition to selling the charcoal)?


Just growing trees and leaving them to grow captures and stores a bunch of carbon, and beautifies the landscape in the bargain.
Less people, more trees!


"Less people, more trees!"

You volunteering to be first kim? Thought not.

If you're looking at CCS for enabling industrial process that's fine, as long as it's economical. If it's not economical then why are you wasting perfectly good plant food? You have something against plants?

I've watched this "great emergency" since it's inception. Over the last two decades I've watched the talking points mutate and heard all the humerus rhetoric (I don't keep track anymore but I believe some of the earlier claims insisted we'd all be dead by now).

Seriously, some of you should have more decorum and practice you religion in private.

David Stone

"Without CCS, fossil fuel use would have to be cut by more than half,"

Yes, please protect our harmful and outdated, but profitable (for a small minority, especially me) business model.
And we might even be able to offer CCS services. (Great, more money for us.)

"...because renewable energy sources will not be able to replace oil and gas quickly enough", a senior executive at Royal Dutch Shell PLC said Tuesday.

because too many people with vested interests (personal power and money) including politicans want to keep it that way.

"Nuclear would have to grow twice as fast ... thousands more wind turbines would be needed. And a new vehicle fleet would have to run largely on biofuels and electricity, with petrol and diesel fuel almost completely phased out," he said.

Which would be terrible for us, and therefore the economy. It would be crippled because wind turbines and evs appear from nowhere without creating jobs. At least not in our industry, so it might as well be so.

No need to be insulting JD.
Kim never said anything about killing anyone.

Even if a few people exaggerate about the effects of global warming, so do those who deny it.

And even if it didn't exist, anyone with at least half a brain can see the negatives of fossil fuels:
- lung desease and other effects of pollution
- corruption from concentration of money and power
- financing of terrorist groups.

If you can't see that, then you don't see reality or understand human nature.


==It would be crippled because wind turbines and evs appear from nowhere without creating jobs. At least not in our industry, so it might as well be so.==

Oddly the oil companies have been trying to get in to the renewable energy business quite a bit.

And who has more experience about erecting platforms in the middle of the ocean than oil companies?


That said, Oil companies love the concept of biofuels and hydrogen, since frankly liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas is their market.

What scares the hell out of them is the premise that we might be driving electric cars.

Since those don't really use either of their strongholds.

David Stone


I have also heard that the oil companies have been trying to get in to the renewable energy business.

But when you consider how little they actually do, you can see that it is quite a little bit compared to their core business. And I don't mean absolute terms. Of course it can't make such a shift very quickly.
I mean they still invest in their core business, pushing its growth much more than anything clean.

Short term profit > short term health and long term survival.

hipotecas & prestamos

Climatic Change is Not a Problem of the Future

The diagnosis of the future of the planet cannot be gloomier. To the numerous elements that damage the environment, we must now add others, like the direct consequences of turning food into fuel, established as the economic policy guideline of the United States, designed and defended at all costs by the US president.

The issue has been presented on many occasions as a warning of the potential danger that, if continued, will affect the indispensable conditions for the life on the planet. Evidently at the service of the large transnationals, which produce 25 percent of the contaminating gas emissions, the White House has justified its position and has systematically refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

The inhabitants of the planet are required to act urgently. Maybe it's not too late.

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