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September 06, 2007



I looked at all the references (and sub references) on this article and concluded it is boring. There is no data for costs, efficiency, etc. available. Jim, please give us a nuclear article so we can have a spirited debate… :)


Oops ... I should have said, "there are no data...."

Thin Film Solar Panels

I can't wait to see these solar panels available for purchase at your nearest Lowes and Home Depot! I know that may be awhile before we see that but their are enough green energy enthusiasts to even pay more then they should for an affordable solar panel product.


They can work on improving the efficiency, but all people really care about(most people anyway) is the cost. i've bought lots of panels and converters from http://www.budgetsolarstore.com/cheap-solar-power/solar-greenhouse

The best way to get off the grid for less is to make your own system and to install it yourself.(in my experience anyway)


heres the main link http://www.budgetsolarstore.com Just google for more

Tom Polich

Jim -

With the recent criticism regarding the bio-fuels carbon emissions debate, I wonder if there has ever been a full energy study of the GHG, carbon emissions study of this type of a fab plant from the site selection, clearing of land for the site, construction, gas manufacturing and delivery, manufacturing costs of the equipment, installation of the equipment, power for manufacturing, packaging, shipping and delivery, install, operation of arrays and removal recycling of panels.

Does anyone have any information of that type?



I hope that solar panels will become affordable in the coming years. They are just so expensive.

Ambit Energy
Ambit Energy
Ambit Energy

R Williamson

I just found your site, I see the posts are old but thought I would try to see if any of you can help me in my research to find the most current and accurate data on solar production, efficiency, emerging technology, and potential?

Automated Profit Packages

There are definitely lots of knowledge to acquire from this site. I am making a research regarding energy and finding this site is truly a pleasure to me.

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