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August 23, 2007



This is interesting, but I wonder as to its life expectancy. It would seem that at some point, the gas pressure would begin to fade.

Kit P

Landfill gas is an excellent and economic source of renewable energy. Unfortunately the press release does not provide enough information about the merits of the project.

Carl Hage

Lots of landfills collect methane to generate power-- a good thing, though not a huge source of power.More interesting, perhaps, is the Cow-Power choice in nearby Vermont, collecting dairy farm waste.

What I don't understand is why spend $45M on a pipeline instead of putting a generator at the landfill (like everyone else), then using a wire to transmit the electricity. I guess so UNH can have an accounting of carbon emissions separate from everyone else.


The reason is cogeneration: The waste heat from power generation is being used for heating, which can't be done efficiently if the generator is offsite.


Locating the generator at the load also eliminates 2 substations and a transmission line.

Also, this keeps Waste Management out of the electric utility business which is a big maintenance and reliability pain.

It sounds like a good deal for everyone. It would be interesting to know how long the gas will last.

Dr. Hussain Alrobaei

The benefits of generation of electricity from waste biogas are multi-faceted. Potential landfill related emissions to air are reduced and green power is generated, off-setting the need to consume fossil fuels to provide an equivalent amount of energy. The recent studies have proven the perfect technical feasibility of the utilization of the gas generated in the landfills. They have also shown that excellent levels of yield can be reached with the use of simple technologies without compromising the quantity and the productivity of the system, viabilizing an energetic alternative available in the surroundings of all urban conglomerates, specially those of the Third World. However, new landfill sites can be specially developed in a configuration which encourages anaerobic digestion. In these new sites, the pipe system for gas collection is laid down before the waste is deposited, thus optimizing the gas output, which can be as high as 1000m3 per hour and last up to 20 years. The landfill gas is generally used for electricity generation, using large internal combustion engines to drive generators of around 500kWe generators to match the normal gas supply rates of around 10GJ per hour (depending on the size of the landfill).
It is very important that we stress that the implementation of any project on landfill gas recovery, wherever in the world, must be preceded by careful studies of its feasibility; local peculiarities should be evaluated in order to determine the technologies to be used and whether the project is viable both economically and strategically.But one thing is for sure: the waste landfill gas is an energy source that cannot be left aside for it is, generally, much more economic than any other fuel currently available, provided that the consumption sites are near the landfills.

Kit P

Dr H, does phd stand for pile it high and deep?

While landfill gas (LFG) is one of the best sources of renewable energy, 95% of the environmental benefit is achievable by just flaring the gas. Using poor quality LFG (or gas from a WWTF) is a major engineering challenge and requires a good O&M program.

Any landfill that produces enough LFG to economically produce useful energy represents a failure in solid waste handling. A win-win -win (multi-faceted as Dr H would say) project would be combing 'cow power' and high carbon waste recycling (you know, paper).

An interesting think happened at a dairy farm that used recycled paper for bedding. When they added an anaerobic digester (AD) to treat manure, biogas production was so high that a second generator was added. I think this can be explained by considering enzymes in dairy cow manure, the physical properties of paper or wood shavings to give more places for bacteria to grow, and getting the carbon/nitrogen ratio right. This produces more energy and high quality compost. Both products represent capturing polluting waste streams. Win-win -win but hard to explain.

Paul Dietz

The biogas market is one that Capstone Turbine moved to after their initial focus on hybrid turbine automobilies fizzled. There's a school not far from where I live that gets its power and heat largely from a nearby landfill, combusted in these microturbines. One thing they have to do is clean up the gas to remove siloxanes (silicon-containing volatile compounds) that would otherwise cause silica deposits in the turbines.

Kit P

I was not aware that Capstone has considered a putting a turbine in a POV. Maybe they have not heard of angular momentum. POV should have the same turning characteristics in both directions.

Paul Dietz

Kit P: apparently this was not considered a problem. The notional design (with the now-defunct Rosen Motors) even included a separate flywheel instead of a battery for energy storage.

Capstone has had some of their microturbines installed in hybrid buses and trolleys, although not beyond a pilot project scale.

Kit P

Microturbines installed in hybrid buses and trolleys may not have the same issues as a POV

Michael Reilly

Did you consider any hazard associated with bringing NMOCs (Non-Methane Organic Compounds) onto campus? Or did you consider them all consumed in the combustion? What about if there is a gas leak?


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Landfill gas is an excellent and economic source of renewable energy.but i want to learn more about it.

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