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August 15, 2007



And then if you use the sequestered CO2 to extract geothermal energy...


Geothermal is a tricky business though, reading the MIT report:


They mention using CO2 as a medium for extracting the heat as well.

Furthermore, the more CO2 sequestration technology is driven by these old coal burners, the more likely BECS (Bio Energy Carbon Sequestration) will become economically practical in places like Brazil, to produce true "Carbon-Negative" liquid fuels (ethanol from suger cane, with carbon sequestration)


Of course you need a global carbon trading scheme in place for carbon negative fuels to have more value than carbon positive or carbon neutral fuels.

Christy Barber

Hey all…This is a little off the subject but I just found this brand new green and sustainable living concept on the market that was invented in Oregon. It’s called the NW Modern from ideabox and the man who created this home was also the brains behind the e-rated appliances, the predecessor to the Department of Energy’s Engery Star Program. I want to know what any of you know about this.

It's sustainable and green in both building materials and construction. It’s the hippest and most resourceful thing I’ve seen since Bluetooth technology! This energy efficient pre-fab home is wrapped up in a cool, modern design that is actually affordable!

For the environmentally responsible consumer this cabin is cool and sleek. I mean we’re talking living large here in 400 sq. feet of luxury in a clever high end pre-fab home with a very intelligent design.

The research I’ve done shows that ideabox uses environmentally friendly products and construction with wireless technologies. Designed with the idea that you can live large in a small space, ideabox is attracting very posh customers. And hey…less can be more! My family is considering it for a vacation home on some land at the lake or the beach. Another thought I have is putting it on my property for when the kids come home. Once you’re in college, staying right with mom is tough. This way, they can have space but still be “home”.

Here is some more information I found on how environmentally friendly ideabox is…

· Wireless technology because power lines are SO last year.
· Standing seam metal roofing – sustainable and fire retardant
· Fiber-cement siding for low maintenance
· Galvalume corrugated metal siding for an industrial look and efficient construction.
· Bamboo flooring because it’s sleek and renewable
· Energy Star appliances and lighting for the best in energy efficiency
· Marmoleum countertops, made from renewable resources
· Fully insulated walls for maximum energy efficiency
· Energy-efficient ENERGY STAR labeled windows to regulate temperature
· Less than 2% construction waste because materials are ordered to size
· Low volatile organic compound paints for better, healthier indoor air
· Duo-flush toilets for water efficiency
· Day lighting; windows in all exterior walls and interior re-lite strategies
· Tankless water heaters to reduce electricity use

I haven’t seen anything like this before! Have any of you? If you want more information about these homes you can visit www.ideabox.us.

Jim Holm

I still think Coal Yard Nukes make a lot more sense.

al fin

CO2 sequestration is a "happening" area of research and development. It is largely driven by climate concerns, but it may actually be financially viable on its own, if the right processes can be developed.

CO2 is a valuable commodity chemical. Not to mention the preferred food for plant life. CO2 can be made into many useful things.

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Very good info, I had no idea you could do co2 extraction from power plants. Thanks for the good read.



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