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August 01, 2007



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The CalCars and Plug in partners links do not even mention butanol. These groups need to know that there are also Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells that can also supply electricity for electric vehicles without using Hydrogen which is very difficult to transport and store.

Butanol has much more energy than ethanol per gallon and can be used 100% in non Flex-fuel vehicles and can be dispensed by our current fueling infrastructure. If and hopefully when Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell Vehicles become available there would be no crazy and expensive transition period.

Our Neanderthal Political Candidates need to learn about BUTANOL. Butanol fermentation developed by Chaim Weizmann helped win WWI and II and is responsible for the creation of IRAN's favorite neighbor. Even President Bush might see the humor in that.

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You can discover what Steven Carew "has got" by visiting wholesale the website for Rhino Hydro. There are a few "update" items there, dated 2004.

But, the essence of Steve's invention is described under the "technical" menu selection, as follows:

"This electro generating plant employs magnets and springs to help create a perpetual motion which hiphone drives a generator. Thus giving you the electricity you need."

Get the picture, Jason? Hard to imagine Steve can't get funding . . .2945abc45 0422

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