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August 08, 2007



There are a number of different companies out there working on ways to get energy from the ocean. One that I like is this one:


where they are trying to generate commercial quantities of electrical power from wave motion. There are several others.


This is interesting but one has to realize that the amount of power here is only enough to light a candle sized lamp. This is not relevant to power generation to most of those who follow this Blog.


Not much power just to light a buoy, but at least it saves the effort of having to go replace the batteries periodically. I was wondering if this technology had a potential for scaling up, or if it really is just for lighting buoys.

Golden Boy

couldn't they put a wind turbine on there as well?


I doubt this technology can be scaled up and be competitive. Its big advantage is no moving parts… well almost. It does stress and relax the element but that is very simple. This is just a novelty from what I can see. A wind generator would work but probably has more maintenance. PV solar with a battery is likely the most common low power source for isolated locations.

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