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July 12, 2007



I'm impressed that Smart are being upfront about the displaced emissions, and quashing the argument that it is JUST a matter of moving the site of Co2 release. Very sensible.

Also, the article doesn't mention the fact that low and zero emission vehicles are exempt from the £8 congestion charge and some parking fees in certain areas of London. That makes London a very cost-effective place for low emission vehicles.


This Smart offers clean city mobility within a monocoque shell which is safer for passengers than other small EV's. Small EV's are commonly designed for minimum wieght, but this leeds to reduced protection to passengers. Though by no means am I scoffing at the low CO2 emissions declared for the Smart, when one compares diesel powered small cars to the smart,one can fit four passengers, have greater autonomy (though at higher cost)and at around 120g of CO2 per Km - twice that of the Smart. The upcoming diesel-electric hybrids from European manufacturers could bridge the gap and offer the benefits of the Smart and a normal-sized diesel passenger car. It is nice to have a small electric safe runabout as a spare vehicle which one can use when no more is needed.

David Grenier


I see what you're saying, but one thing I think is a problem in a lot of discussions like this is that folks seem to be looking for a one-size-fits-all solution.

For example, in my family my wife never drives with anyone else in her car. Ever. If we go out together, we take my car. If we go on a long trip, we take my car. Her car is just used for her to go back and forth to work (5 miles or so each way) or occasionally go to the gym, the store, the mall, the movies, or whatever else is anywhere from 2-15 miles away. Were we needing to replace a car, something like this would make perfect sense. Meanwhile, I'd still have a car big enough to fit both of us and the dog and capable of taking us on longer trips.

Though I think that may be what you're getting at with the last sentence of your comment.

alexander Straub

Where is the URL to sign up for the TRIAL?

Mr Smart fortwo

It's a tempting proposition, but the money saved buying a second hand petrol version more than offsets the congestion charge: http://www.priceanycar.com/smart/fortwo/

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