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July 07, 2007


Walter Esler

The new process does not rely on enzymes, but instead converts wood wastes to synthesis gas. I would anticipate that the project may be criticized in some quarters as requiring more energy (from fossil fuels) than it yields in renewables.

Since this reaction is predictable, I wish our reporter had be able to get information about energy input versus energy yield.


Sounds like the right way to go. BTL (biomass to liquid).

But the fact that they need gov grants to do BTL shows its not cost effective (?)


According to an article on the Green Car Congress site:

"The Range system is based on a gasifier and ethanol reactor developed by Robert (Bud) Klepper....

In earlier evaluations, the Klepper PSRG with STRP system was found to generate syngas from coal, coal slurry, coal fines and other biomass feedstocks with energy content in the range of 400–600 BTU/ft3 at an average thermal energy conversion efficiency of 75%."

US Patent# 6,863,878: Method and apparatus for producing synthesis gas from carbonaceous materials


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