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July 02, 2007



IREC has been working on microwave tech to improve recovery of conventional refineries. Seems a bit more attainable. Microwaving metal?

Green Assassin Brigade

Microwaving metal is fine under certain designs, todays microwaves compared to 30 years ago can take some metal in with your food, I believe it's all about focusing on the correct freqency and the ratio of metal to other materials.

The use for car recycling would be stripping the plastic/rubber coatings off of wires. Good for taking the steel belts out of tire rubber.

Even if they can't scale up to tar sands and oil shale size, specialty uses like cleaning toxic/oil saturated tar ponds like the Sydney tar ponds would be worth considering, and certainly cleaner than incinerating plastic medical waste.


They don't say much about energy balance though. For the one case of trash recycling, they claim that they can get enough fuel to power the process, but they don't claim that there will be any leftover. If this is the case, then this process is good for reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills, but isn't of much help with our energy problems.


As I have pointed out many times, microwave plasma drilling is the best way to recover and refine oil from tar sands and coal. no mining required. The refining powered by the waste heat from the plasma drilling. Wind power aplenty exists in the oil sands region for this purpose. No water is needed with this approach either.

metal is easily removed from trash before using this process. magnetic first, then non-magnetic by applying an AC magnetic field to the trash. the metals become magnetic and are then separated. This industrial process is commercially available.

This sort of plasma process should only be powered with peak wind power electricity that would otherwise not fit into the grid. Then it would be a GHG and energy saving process.

I would still prefer that most trash be biodigested though. Plastics are suitable for plasma recycling though. Mining landfills with plasma drilling might be a very good option though. rather than digging the whole toxic mess up.


There are a few companies looking for a way to refine tar - microwaving, deemulsification, proprietary catalytic cracking... and i would really like to have a crystal ball to see which one will prevail. I did not know any were involved with plasma, though the idea of plasma with renewable inputs is logical. One of the pioneers of plasma has complained of the ingrained attitude of the waste industry as hindering adoption - Startech. Another Connecticut company seems to be running into adoption issues with its medical waste converters - Aduromed. Although the logic of renewables is sound, adoption will leave many of the well heeled dinosaurs, how should I put it, underserved? Anyhow, I am going to take note of gbrc and wish them success.

barry hanson

Does anyone know how to get the DOE report mentioned above? I can't find it on the DOE website.

M. Simon

If we are going to get a major portion of our energy from biomass higher atmospheric CO2 will be an advantage. Plants become more efficient.

ilson hulle

I live in Brazil and would like to know more about the microwave to teatment wast solid municipal

Xi Wen


Check the following website for more information about Vietnam recycling. It is designed to promote and sponsor recycling activities in Vietnam.

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ilson hulle

I live in Brazil and would like to know more about the plasma torch Microwave to destruction waste solid municipal.

ilson hulle

I live in Brazil and would like to know more about the Plasma torch Microwave to destruction wsate solid municipal

Cyril R.

Under the condition that this will indeed work out, perhaps it's possible to extract the hydrogen out of coal to produce electricity in a combined cycle unit or hydrogen fuel cell. If the carbon residue is pure enough - in particular devoid of heavy metals - it may be used as biochar to improve agricultural yields. That way, coal can be 'burned' very cleanly and with a very low carbon intensity while increasing agricultural production.

Cyril R.

Of course most of the oxidation energy potential in coal is in the carbon, and there is a lot of carbon in coal, so electricity production per unit of coal would drop dramatically.

However, the (potential) market for agrichar is huge and wouldn't easily saturate, so a lot of coal could be processed in this way. And there is a lot of coal left in this world. It would be great if this vast resource could be exploited in a win-win manner.

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natural gas

Global Resource Corp's HAWK recycler extracts oil and gas in seconds from most everyday objects like tires, plastic cups, as well as from shale, coal, and tar sands. Microwaves tuned to an optimum frequency separate the component parts which can be burned or condensed into liquid fuel, using only a small portion of the energy produced...

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tinggi badan

The HAWK 10 will allow Gershow to scrap more metal from materials that were difficult to separate in the past, allowing them to reduce waste by 65%. GRC says its Hawk-10 can extract enough oil and gas from the ASR to run the Hawk-10 itself and a number of other machines used by Gershow.

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Mark Peirano

This process could help with recycling tires (tyres?).....mounds of them around here...

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