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July 13, 2007


Per Stenvall

Thanks for the interesting article. One comment though: US companies buying Chinese companies is the trend. There are very few outbound Chinese M&A cases. Most US acquisitions of Chinese companies go under the radar because they are smaller and middle market transactions.


Dakshidin is now gaining traction as shown on its recent stockprice appreciation.
The market has Dakshidin on radar now because the potential of this company is phenomenal.
The fact that $51 million worth of contracts have been recently signed and that production of 1000 winmills per month is targeted in less than 18 months from now makes this company an excellent investment...if you can grab some shares ( DKSC,Pink sheets) because of a tight float!
Check their website : www.dakshidin.com

Dan Pasch

I am begginning to wonder who really has the patent to the Mark 10 or 11 Windmills. If anyone knows please email me.

don bartell

Wind Turbines produce FREE power!

It is environmentally safe to use. \

try this wind power at your very own homes..

thank you and check it out..


Drilling Fluids

The dissolving process is highly exothermic and rapidly produces temperatures of around 60 °C (140 °F). In this capacity, it is known as a drying agent or desiccant. It is converted to a brine as it adsorbs the water or water vapor from the substance to be dried:

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