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July 11, 2007


Jim Holm

Good application for Nuclear Pebble heat.

Reality Czech

The outlet temperature of a PBMR is only about 900°C.

Nick G

Coal costs about 1/4 as much as oil per btu, and about 1/3 as much as natural gas. Coal has wanted to break out into these energy markets, but hasn't been able to. Very large size, for efficiencies of scale, has been the main barrier to CTL. CO2 emissions have been another barrier.

These would be between .05% and about 2% of the size of a CTL plant. Is this the way coal will break out, in many small affordable units that fly under the CO2 radar?

Paul Dietz

The outlet temperature of a PBMR is only about 900°C.

I doubt the steam is being injected at 900 C (or 1300 C) anyway. The energy to drive the process is likely coming from some additional air injected along with the carbonaceous material. If some of the energy could instead be provided by preheating the steam (or air or carbonaceous fuel), this could improve the carbon efficiency of the process.

Denise Clarke

Terrific articles!

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Gasification can play a significant role in delivering a sustainable energy economy and is therefore one of the most technically and economically convincing energy possibilities for a carbon neutral economy.


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Great article. Is the funding still in place?


The gasification of coal looks a little suspicious. Their are still people who are not willing to let go of the elements that are eventually going to kill us all. Interesting read though!

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