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July 21, 2007


Thomas Marihart

Yet another example of sources of animal feed turning to fuel.

I really hope guys like BlueFire really take off and put these other food/feed based fuel makers out of business.

Food, Feed, Fuel...we need them all domestically, not one at the expense of the other, and not from places like China.


The distillers peels, equivalent to distillers grains in corn ethanol, is still made into animal feed. The net result is an animal feed with less sugar (fermented into ethanol) and more protein (from the yeast). Citrus waste is primarily used as a low grade animal feed with high fiber content and is mixed in 10% concentration with higher protein feed based on corn or soy. The impact to the animal feed supply of citrus ethanol will be minimal.


I didn't really think about the food connection but can see it ought to be considered. I think the market can help push a product towards its highest and best use.

Having lived in FL the last 8 years in Indian River County, I've watched as business groups try to foster enticement of biotech industries. Thanks to the Energy Blog, I've seen a more natural enviromental possiblity in biofuels. I cannot understand why there is not a more aggressive pursuit of this economic possibility. One of the best uses of a wasted product would be turning all the dying and decaying unproductive citrus trees into biofuel. Then, the cleared land could be graded and turned into swtichgrass or some other related biofuel producer.

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