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July 19, 2007



It took more than 350 experts 18 months to figure this stuff out. Hilarious.

Still, this is a good hatstand for further, more specialised studies.


If you read the reports carefully, it's a very anti-CO2, pro carbon fuels (oil, gas, coal) document. Further, it cites not opportunities for this industry to improve its environmental impact even though it acknowledges CO2 as at least a "concern". It's a deceptively coercive document that is critical of legislation that impacts the oil and gas industry.


What a worthless study. It must have been funded by tax money.

Kit P

NPC is privately funded and this 422 page draft study is a wealth of information. Some may not like the reality. For example, fossil fuel is projected to increase in the energy mix while nuclear and renewable energy may increase in absolute terms they decrease in relative terms.

Spend some time looking at US LNG import projections (figure s3b-14). If a have a quibble with the study, I think nuclear and renewable energy additions will reduce LNG and not coal.


It's important to keep the scope of this study in mind. Only up to 2030; the greatest push towards non-carbon energy sources will occur after 2030.

However, perhaps the hardest truth to face is that this study was done by the national petroleum council.

So I would like to add another "core strategy": Take the industry's own research with a grain of salt.

That doesn't mean this research is useless.


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