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June 27, 2007



I am not seeing any target delivery dates in this thing. The thing sounds a lot closer to something that average people could use, but it still sounds overpowered if the top speed is > 100mph. If they were to scale the thing back a bit more, they ought to be able to extend the range.


Hey! Another press release from ZAP!

If press releases were EVs, then ZAP investors would ride!

Greg woulf

Just something about top speed and range.

Electric motors are different than internal combustion engines as far as power and efficiency.

The larger an electric motor the more efficiency it has. The motor itself doesn't weigh a lot, and it lasts a long time, so it makes sense to get the motor that has the max power you'd ever want.

That doesn't mean that driving 100 mph doesn't use more power, it does. That's related to wind resistance and weight, but having an electric motor that's bigger is actually more efficient if both cars go the same speed.

An alternative that does save mileage is to have the big motor, but electronically limit the speed.

I don't really see the benefit of energy savings outweighing the sales due to higher performance.


If it was a Series-PHEV it'd sell like hotcakes.


Why do you dignify their announcements by publishing it.

Mike a.k.a/Sage

Will silver zinc batteries be available to power the vehicle? These batteries could double the mileage on a single charge. Matrix Power has a new technology and is building a plant in Asia, in partnership with Tyco International, to manufacture these batteries. Silver zinc batteries are 100% recyclable, is a Green technology, and has a 0% chance of catching fire.


Its easy enough to make a serial hybrid (SPHEV) out of an EV.

Go to a hardware store and buy a Honda 6 KW power generator for $1,500 and presto that's a serial hybrid.

I believe 6 KW generation is sufficient for continuous city/traffic driving (with regeneration), and on a road can provide continuous 45 mph speed, for a Civic sized vehicle.

BEV + nLiFePO4 will rule


Enoch, the fact that people have commented on this (ignoring yours and Frank's posts) means it is of interest to people who read this blog.


Zap has an agreement with Altair for nanosafe battery packs. Nanosafe batteries are awesome! Way superior to silver/Zinc batteries.
Just look at the specifications:
Nanosafe to Silver/Zinc
Cycle life:15000+ cycles vs 500 cycles
Temp: -60F to 165F vs –10F to 165F
Power: >1500W/lb. vs 150W-1KW/lb.
Storage: indefinite vs 25yrs.
Charge <10minutes vs 10 hours
Both are Safe and recycle.

Armand rousso

Sounds Interesting ?are they going to distribute it worldwide ? In Europe we have not heard about it ? Armand Rousso


Zap has an agreement with Altair for nanosafe battery packs.

Since when? Altairnano has an exclusive arrangement with Phoenix Motorcars.


Yep beek a 40 mile range electric car with a 6kw generator would work. now where can you buy an EV like that?

You can't, but you can convert a regular economy car with kits available right now. A nice 50 hp electric conversion for my Honda would cost around 8k. Batteries for the 40 mile range are problematic now. hate to go with the old lead/acid.

But would spending a few thousand on A123 power tool batteries be worthwhile? I wish firefly would come out with their new lead/acide graphite foam model.

I would prefer a 10 kw diesel generator, over a 6kw gasoline model. That could run on biodiesel from cooking grease or diesel or even biogas when parked at home next to the biodigestor (honda has duel methane or diesel generators). Then you could sell your biogas kwh to the utility and use the waste heat for home heating purposes.


Dr. X, I wonder if Hymotion after converting a Prius to A123 PPHEV, could junk the transmission and gasoline engine, etc. and install a diesel 10KW generator instead, and thus make it serial? Or alternately, by adding a generator, it is possible to retain the original engine and convert it to an SPHEV.

There would be a net drop in vehicle weight and a massive increase in vehicle reliability, MPG and environmental attributes.

I think this would be a good idea for a would-be entrepreneur and I am sure A123 will buy them out, like they did to Hymotion.

Subaru Axle

electric vehicle that that utilizes chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs. Electric vehicles use electric motors and motor controllers instead of internal combustion engines (ICEs).


I think that there is a fair amount of room for debate on electric cars - a most important issue should be the batteries of course; what they are made from and what happens to them once they are no longer usuable...


95% of car batteries in the US get recycled today. I expect about the same for EV batteries. But then, I can't decide if I think 95% is nice and high, or not high enough.


Some great new initiatives coming from ZAP, a pioneer in the electric vehicle market. More vehicle options are being offered to the consumer for their diverse requirements. UPS has just bought ZAP trucks for the transportation of their parcels which i think is a step in the right direction.

Chris - honda generators fan

very interesting, but I had to chuckle at Eric's comment about the quantity of press releases from Zap!


Here we are a year later...

ev fanatic

i hear goss132 has a much better electric car than zap any day.

it's coming it at 22K per car. lots of space, and all of them care plugins.

awesome!! go GOSS132!! you guys rock!

Ames Tiedeman

ZAP has been talking and talking. Where are the cars? Is it all bullshit?


yeah... zap is much to do around 'talk', and furthermore with all the hype there isn't much to show for it. where are the sales???

fortunately it's that kind of slack that allows companies like goss to crank up the production of their cool ev rides.

they are really nice actually. whats up with the name though? ( goss132 ) it's cool and all, but don't get the meaning.

anyone have dirt on that?


the name has something to do with the first 2 americans who patented the first electric motor. it's under the faq's of the goss132.com site.

nice combo name actually. i dig it.

Basil Dimitropoulos

Dear Bloggers:

The answer to OPEC is the electric vehicles at http://www.energynews.gr

What we need is an International Public Prosecutor Intervention.

Thank you.


I am a South Jersey Green Advocate and was very excited when I found the following information:

First legitimate electric car coming to the market.
Safe, reliable and affordable.
Check it out............
Video-You Tube:
BeGreen Advocate

Craig S

speaking of goss132 EV's... wish they had more video out there.

did find this though. it's a goss132 promo from the 2010 autoshow.



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