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June 21, 2007



Interesting. By rights the ethanol crowd should actually endorse this (after the mandatory negative lobbying).

Hopefully testing under real life conditions and tests for toxicity will give it a go. I'm cautious here because I remember MTBE. Putting aside the toxicity issues it's chemical actions almost cost me my life. Under certain conditions MTBE in gasoline and when exposed to alcohol based fuel additives intended for water removal, cause the fuel to gel and plug up fuel filters. This is inconvenient when you're 80 miles from the next human, on a mountain, it's approaching -72F and there's a 35 knot wind:) It was an interesting night.


I came across a great contest for non-profit business professionals at www.svn.org/imaginewhatsnext They
are holding a contest to reward business leaders for starting or running socially responsible companies. This seems to be a growing trend!

Reality Czech

sfogreen has posted that identical text elsewhere.  I believe this is the definition of spam.

Dubi Gefen

I am intersting about to adding salt (NaCl) which dramatically improves the extraction of HMF from the reactive water phase.

You can add additional information about this process?

Paul N. Oliver

I have worked for many years driving truck and have hauled so much outdated soda pop to be dumped on hay fields because they don’t know what else to do with it.

Sounds like they aught to get with someone from your team and use this “waste” as a good source of sugar.

Drilling Chemicals

his post is one of the great post that i have seen...

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