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June 15, 2007


Kit P

Unlike the journalists at National Pravda Radio (NPR), I have actually read most of the 2005 Energy Bill. I will read any new energy bill after it is law. The Dems are grandstanding to their base and I do expect any substantive changes in the current approach.



Check out what Sen. Kerry says about it. A report from the front line to save the planet.

Kit P

What do you call someone who wants to force a life style on the American people that he refuses to live?

I own a fuel efficient POV and house. After 30 years of being preached to by these goofs, I just wonder when liberals are going to start living a conservative lifestyle.


Your favorite (conservative?)politician? Let's compare.

He is encouraging Putin to produce nuclear power plants on barges. 'nuff said.

Kit P

amazingdrx, I did check out what Kerry is saying. It is same the same thing he said when he was running for president in 2004. His energy plan is very shallow. Did I miss something?

Left wing politicos get confused between actually doing something and talking about it or telling others what to do.

So you want to compare? As governor of Texas, Bush signed one of the first RPS that became the model for the rest of the states. As a result 2/3rd of new wind capacity is being built in Texas.

I could go on but what is the point, Kerry has done nothing and has no new ideas. Bush has done lots of thing on energy that amazingdrx does not like. That is the point, he is doing something. However, I do not thing that Bush is encouraging Putin to develop nuclear barges using ice breaker technology as amazingdrx suggests. Russia does not need the US encouragement to put cold war shipyards back to work for peaceful purposes.

The US is cooperating with many countries in safe operation of nuclear power plants and R&D of the next generation of nuclear power plants.

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