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June 15, 2007



good for him! Come on you other billionaires, chip in to save the planet, and grow wealthier doing it.

Gates and Branson are supporting fuel farming and palm oil plantations. Disastrous mistakes. Wake up!

Chandranshu Pandya

At this rate, wind energy will grow at a much faster rate than the exixting plans of AWEA.


Right on Chandra, AWEA still spreads the anti-wind talking point that only 20% of the grid can come from wind due to variability. I think maybe GE picks their board?

Latest computer studies of only 8 wind sites says 95% can come from wind with very little storage. Why? The wind hardly ever stops everywhere at once.

With 50 square miles of pumped hydroelectric storage, 100% of grid power could come from wind. That's a resevoir 7.2 miles on each side. Use a few of those open pit mine holes. That would make sure no more open pit or underground coal mining will ever be needed.


He is a nutjob... but at least he's using his insanity to do something reasonable. Why he wouldn't use modern 3-4 MW turbines, I don't understand... it's only money.

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