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June 10, 2007



Mental oxide!

Greg woulf

I've got some mental oxidation problems myself.

I'm hoping for a car by 2010!

If nothing else I think this will jump start the other auto makers to do the same thing. At the least I think they'll start seriously testing and preparing for Plug in, and maybe serial.


In a recent intervue Altair CEO said they sent a set of their Nanosafe batteries for GM to evaluate. Also said they are seeking to license their nanosafe technology to others. By the time GM is ready to mass market the Volt the deal Altair has with Phoenix will have expired. There's also development with the rapid charge chargers. Aerovironment has the posi-charge system capable of charging all the various EV at there maximum safe level. I'm hoping to see charge stations poping up in California anytime now. Hopfully a stand alone charger with a credit card slot. 2007 may be the year EV's start to sweep the world!


Any numbers as how manganese-oxide batteries compare to iron-phosphate or nano-phosphate?

GM would be better off to invest in low-cost manufacturing of nano-phosphates than to endlessly try to test and retest and package and repackage this and that chemistry batteries ad infinitum for the next n number of years, and burn a few billion with little to show.

If they are sooooo unsure about nano-phosphate, then build max 10000 at a time at modestly high prices and see how these behave in the field. This idea that they gotta get all their bases covered and bullet proofed and come up with 1 million volume production in order to save $100 per vehicle in production is not how a technology startup would operate. They need to think like a startup when it comes to such new and revolutionary technology.

Bunch of old fogey idiots AFAICS. They deserve to go bankrupt and allow people with clear heads to replace eat their lunch. Predatory monopoly capitalism would not be half as bad if it were not for GM.


Well, that's being open-minded!


Wow it's nice...... got the membership of GM Flex Card, it's so benificial.

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