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June 14, 2007



So is "FutureGen" air blown IGCC, or oxygen blown IGCC?


This does nothing about mountains disappearing! Coal sucks allround!


Nuclear is so much better. IL and TX can have the coal... give my state nuclear please. JohnBo

barry hanson

IGCC also does nothing about CO2 emissions. They're using language like "has the potential to capture carbon" Carbon capture costs somewhere between $20 and $70 per ton to "capture" and will raise the production cost of electricity by maybe 50%. Does anyone think they are actually going to capture it? This is a giveaway to the coal lobby. Also the cost for the plant is given as $3600 per KW...more than what it would cost to install molten carbonate fuel cells today and 5 times what SOFCs will cost in three years.

Jim from The Energy Blog

Everyone expects the gasifier will be oxygen blown, but the final decision will be made under the WNG contract.

Cost figures for this plant are not meaningful because the engineering and testing are much higher than usual and are included in the projet cost and the plant is too small to be economically justified.
A large test facility working on slipstream flows will be built as part of the roject. Testing will take place until 2017.

This plant will include CCR and most people believe that all commercial plants built after this has been demonstrated expect that CCR will be required by law. There has already been legislation introduced requiring CCR after some date.

barry hanson

Are you suggesting that IGCC will be able to deliver energy at comparable costs and with comparable carbon burdens as SOFCs? And at anywhere close to the same time frame?

As for the propsed legislation one needs to look at who is proposing it and what their real agenda is. I'm saying it is diversionary..a smoke screen that maybe will never really be carried out given the added production costs involved.

Kit P

Had a chance to see a strip mining operation removing mountains in north central Colorado. Even with binoculars, the huge machinery was tiny up against those mountains. Anyone who is worried about the US running out of mountains should get out the city. What you will observe is that the environmental impact is very small compared with the ugliness of the cities that demand huge amounts of electricity.


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Mattoon doesn't deserve futuregen, Tuscola should have been picked!

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The U.S. Energy Dept. says it will build a flagship clean-coal powerplant in Illinois, reversing a previous Bush administration move to scrap the ambitious FutureGen project in favor of smaller carbon-capture and -storage projects (CCS) around the U.S.

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If the facility is scheduled to go online by 2012, I'll be waiting.

James Ferris

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I agree with Jim, cost figures for this plant are not meaningful because the engineering and testing are much higher than usual and are included in the project cost and the plant is too small to be economically justified.


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