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June 26, 2007



Great to see that national security military industrial theivery might be directed at developing better batteries.

That can be used to fight the real national and international security issues. Stop oil use by using these batteries in plugin hybrids to end oil wars and GHG climate disaster.

But of course, to get the funding, destroying our constitutional rights with more spying has to be the official reason to direct the tax dollars to the effort. pretty pathetic.


This is a small example of how tax money spent on the military not only protects our country and allies but has technological spin offs that benefit the world.


I'm in sympathy with amazingdrx... The clever airship, which is supposed to operate in the jet-stream (some 300mph wind speeds!!?? And, with solar powered motors???), will be used to monitor OUR cell-phone communications and will serve as a platform for visual inspection and observation of "suspected" terrorist activities. I don't like this at all...

Best of luck to EEEI, but I would hope their technology could be put to better use than in another (illegal) effort to diminish our civil and personal liberties by this already damnable, corrupt administration, and will sell my shares when and if this ever gets back decently into the green.


They need to put the first one over Baghdad.


Biometric ID would put illegal alien and terror fear mongering to rest for good. And remove the ginned up excuse for government/corporate spying on US all.

It would allow employers to be sure they are hiring legal workers and enforcement of existing laws would then make sure that the main reason for illegal immigration, illegal hiring would stop.

Terrorists plotting anything here could be spotted before they get anywhere with their nefarious plans. Making spying on US legitimate citizens inexcusable.

Corporate/government spying is now being used to profile voters, in effect breaking the secret ballot seal on the voting booth, in order to redistrict and pre-determine the outcome of elections in favor of corporate power unlimited.

Armand rousso

Biotech and Energy Battery Cells is the Future. Armand Rousso


Yes Armand Rousso this is the future and the goal is to achieve significantly higher specific energy than current state-of-the-art batteries in support of this next-generation airship.

Henry Gibson

Diesel and diesel engines are lighter than any battery. Very small diesel engine-generators can now be made.

Hydrogen blimps could carry hydrogen fuel to such an aircraft. Hydrogen blimps could also carry diesel fuel. Water made from the hydrogen or diesel could be used as ballast to take the blimp back down. The helium in the airship could be heated or cooled with a heat exchanger to avoid the loss of ballast.

Hydrogen is not as dangerous as the Hindenburg fire makes people believe. The predecessor of the Hindenburg, the Graff Zepellin, flew for several years and around the world and was only destroyed to recover its aluminum alloys for WWII. No passenger was ever killed in a commercial German airship fire prior to the Hindenburg.

Never the less to lessen the perceived risk, the Hydrogen filled delivery ships will only connect with hoses to the airship. A tanker blimp could deliver hydrogen and diesel at the same time to the engines of the airship for days until it had lost all of the diesel and enough hydrogen to drive back to the earth..hg...

Dave Narby

It operates ABOVE the jet stream...


Why don't they use the jetstream to power it through use of a turnbine. Will it also broadcast WiFi/WiMax or better air traffic control tracking?

Harvey D


I agree with you that a vehicle at very high altitude could serve as a relay station for Air Traffic Control Secondary Radar (SSR) data over a very wide area.

Such relay station could effectively replace up to 10+ ground stations and/or increase current system redundancy and safety, specailly over areas with low or no SSR coverage.

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Wow, electro energy for airships?! Incredible!!

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