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June 12, 2007



"ECONOMICALLY" Sustainable.
Big ass difference.

Which doesn't even make much sense considering how flooded the system is with subsidies.


I agree there are better ways to obtain power for heating,cooling,lighting,than oil, however they are expensive, even through provided free by mother nature, the products we use to capture these "FREE" products are exspensive! Solar Panel-if the government would stop the war on terrorism, give the money to the American people to buy solar panels, we could heat,cool, and light our homes for nothing! Wind power-another great freebie, cost to produce again a factor, same as solar panels comment! I remember when everyone in rural america had a windmill to pump water,so why not again, except use it to produce electricity to heat, cool and light your home? Because, products used to produce it are so high! The high price of oil-not because of a shortage, but because of greed by big oil that owns the politicians,they want investors to boast their profits, thus this raises oil prices, thus heating oil and gasoline, we have enough oil supply for the next 1,000 plus years, but the US government needs to stop the big oil lobbyist from swaying the politicians, heck Exxon made a mere $10 billion in 1st. quarter? Poor guys! I made a heck of a lot less then that! It was stated by Bin Laden that he would bankrupt America, well with his billions and oil stocks, he is doing just that! Why is diesel so high? This is the bottom of the barrel so to speak! We all know, Bin Laden is working off the greed of the investors and oil execs', and our own government, raise diesel prices, raises food prices!

Xenon HID

Nice information.I read & enjoyed.


Nice info.I read & enjoyed.

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