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May 01, 2007



Tesla, A123, Altair, Phoenix, EEStor, these are the risk takers that give us hope that real change is possible on global climate problems. Not all will make a viable long-term product, but it only takes a few. Meanwhile, big companies like GM, Toyoda and Ford sit back and wait for the real innovators to deliver a solution into their lazy laps.


SoCalMan.....and then the big car companys will buy them out and either shelve it or take their time delivering the product, keeping the big oil boys happy.

Eestor Inc. has us holding our breath that they can produce what they initially claimed in their patent. Here's hoping that they can, and that they don't sell out to the big 3.


Gregor, if their technology works as they say at the cost they say, EEStor will probably be buying one of the big three. This isn't like Ovonics, which was hardly a major advance. This is more along the lines of Microsoft, a major innovation which will revolutionize the way we do almost everything. Solar and wind suddenly become viable with backup storage. Cars can be used to sell electricity back to the grid at peak rates.

That said, I'm not sold that this will work as they say. I hope it does, but I've read too much about potential problems that don't seem to be addressed in the patent or press releases. If it does work, however, I'll be the first in line.

kedros parc

It's all about the powder

John H

MJTimber: Microsoft, major innovation? How so? Bill was in the right place at the right time and has proved to be an extremely shrewd and aggressive businessman. He did nothing as technologically challenging as is being discussed here.

Kedros: Ahh, how I wish you were for real!

kedros parc

It's so easy!


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