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May 27, 2007


Roger C

How much of this reduction is because of the continued decline in manufacturing? The consumed products still require the same amount of energy to make but it's generated in China by dirty coal plants (not to mention the fuel for shipping)


Yeah, lets blame Americans for buying Chinese goods, which result in Chinese CO2 emissions. I mean there would be no need for any CO2 emissions anywhere whatsoever if it were not for the bad American middle class having a high standard of living - of course the Europeans with even higher standard of living don't consume anything. Its time for America to produce less, consume less, and drop its standard of living to that of the Palestinians. NOT

FYI, China is a sovereign nation. You have a complaint, then lodge it with them, and stop blaming it on Americans. They are making a living to produce these goods and who are we to tell them how to making a living? Have some respect for their culture.


In other news, there was a slight downturn in the US economy during this period.

And of course less gasoline usage.
(It costs a lot)

Then again, Bush always loves to claim "Carbon Intensity" can be reduced.
Which has absolutely nothing to do with reality.
(Clip to the 11:20 timemark to check out for yourself)

Kit P.

AGW has everything to do with "Carbon Intensity" since AGW is a global problems. Since the US and most western industrial countries have a low "Carbon Intensity" and China and India have a high "Carbon Intensity", shifting manufacturing to China and India increases ghg emissions.

This is why making electricity with natural gas and the Kyoto treaty make AGW worse. When consumer goods are made in China and India more ghg is produced.

The reason I like the Bush administration policy is that it addresses the world reality. By helping China and India use less coal, we are creating jobs in the US.


Wow, I've heard many excuses for Bush's policies but that he is helping global warming by reducing China's need for coal takes the cake.

Kit P

Bush does not need any excuses on energy and the environment. As governor of Texas and President he has demonstrated leadership by doing. Marcus replies with sarcasm without suggesting a policy that he likes better.

I do not think that many environmentalists are really very interested in reducing AGW. Many are opposed to fairly examining the polices of anyone they do not like. Resolving energy demand and AGW will require a comprehensive and global approach.

A better but more complex approach that DOE takes is to look at the carbon intensity of what is produced like steel and corn. Both have been trading down since the 70s. Steel produced in the US has 70% of the carbon content of steel from China. The largest factor to reduce ghg is by helping China reduce the carbon intensity.

China and India needs coal and uses lots of it. Furthermore, China and India are going to use a lot more.

I know marcus does not understand the difference between need and want. However, Bush does and yes he is going to help China and India use less coal while meeting their needs.


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Kit P., the enviro-fascists have absolutely no real solutions. Their gripe is not really about the environement. Their gripe is that they want power, and they see themselves out of power, and it really bugs the hell out of them - but of course they cannot admit that to themselves.

Marxist: Wealth is created by work.
Capitalist: Wealth is created by capital.
Environmentalist: Wealth is created by politics and mind numbing bureacracy.

I have a lot more respect for marxists than I have for the enviro-fascists.

James Bell

It is great to see CO2 go down. I am more and more confident that we can see large near term savings. I just read an article in Government Computer News that described how the state of Missouri is implementing IT technologies that help control all of their buildings, resulting in a a large reduction of energy usage: http://www.gcn.com/print/26_13/44402-1.html

They apparently use some technology from a company named Gridlogix (www.gridlogix.com) to do it. Never heard of them, but the state seems to think this is a pretty effective way at large near term savings.


FYI, guys--

Name calling is a sure sign of a weak argument.

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