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May 16, 2007



Any wagers?

my guess: the 32157 stands at 35 Wh (11 Ah, 3.15 V), a 30% energy density improvement over the 26650 M1. Holding my breath ....


Um, that's a $40 million investment. $40,000 will barely pay for the lawyers and everyone's time in negotiating a round of investment...


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That $40,000 is actually a typo. The press release says $40 million.


I have gathered information that the new 32157 battery has an energy density that is 15% greater than the previous generation 26650 battery (though not as much as I had hoped).

This is a significant improvement, and it means that unit energy has increased from 110 Wh/kg to 125 Wh/kg. In a few years, we will probably see 200 Wh/kg which is about the capacity of top of the line standard Li-ion batteries today.


A similar technology using Aluminum was announced by a finish inventor named Partanen, see
They claym to have used nanotech, apparently the same direction of A123Systems.
Aluminum has potential to provide an edge.
Does anybody have info about Europositron and its technology?


Are Li-ion Automotive Batteries Eco-friendly?



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Mike Walker

Does anyone know the difference between the A123 technology and the China Sun Group technology?

Mike Walker

I say China Sun Group Hightech has retained a PR company to get their word out. Does anyone know the difference in technology?

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Yes I am also quite interested in knowing the difference between A123 technology and China Group Technology. In f act, Have you noticed one thing that the thing from China group is cheaper than anything from A123 Technology..

Dump trucks

li-ion automotive batteries is sounding good ...i dont think there would be much difference in technology.

sony laptop battery

Someone I work with visits your blog frequently and recommended it to me to read too. The writing style is excellent and the content is interesting. Can I use your rss feed on my blog?

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A123 is the first major U.S.-based battery manufacturer to receive TS 16949 certification for its cylindrical lithium ion cells for automotive applications

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they have done a great work with increasing the life of battery as they quotes above10 year and 150,000 which sounds great..the battery which we have today don't even have half the life of this battery..


im sorry but i didn't understand this ... can you make it easier ?

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i can't understand the main difference between A123 technology and China Group Technology can any one help me out with simple words..

Peter@ Car review

A123 Systems, Inc. develops and manufactures advanced lithium ion batteries and battery systems for the transportation, electric grid services and commercial markets

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