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April 25, 2007




4 dollar gas? Great blog Jim. Thanks.

I think 4 dollar gas will make plugin hybrids zoom ahead!! That's the good news.

Kit p

Why would think PHEV will zoom ahead and why would you want them to?


Kit p...

Can you explain to me what you propose? It's obvious that you don't care to much for PHEVs or BEVs. I don't need a disertation or an elaborate explination of why other things aren't the way to go. In plain English, for common folk like me, what is the best route to take???

Kit p

Gosh Jimmi, I do not have a crystal ball. I do know the difference between what works and what is not practical. I am also very satisfied with the present state of affairs.

Energy is cheap and readily available to all Americans. Almost all location in the US have clean air and water, a vast improvement from when I was growing up.

There are a few exceptions. It is a simple matter to clean up the air in LA, prevent rolling blackouts, and lines at the gas station. Ration the amount of energy that is used by the consumers.

We need a revolution in personal accountability. There is no technical problem with providing electricity and gasoline to meet consumers needs. However, we need to build more nuke and coal plants. We need more offshore drilling, pipelines, and transmission lines.

We need to better utilize biomass, and continue building wind farms. R&D for various forms of EV should continue in the unlikely case we stop importing LNG.

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