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April 20, 2007


Ronald Brak

Jim, there's a little problem. Clicking on the word "more" takes us to the USA Today article instead of the extended entry.

And while I'm here, thanks for the blog. Good one, mate, as we say here in Oz. Well, I never say it. But I sometimes type it, as you can see.


Wave power is steadier than wind, river power is even better.

As hydroelectric dams come down and river current power comes on strong, what percentage of electric power will come from water power?

I think it will be 25%. Another 25% from large wind power installations offshore and in high wind areas like the great plains. The rest form conservation ( geothermal heating/cooling, direct solar heating/cooling, super efficient appliances, tvs, computers, ultra-efficient vehicles, mass transit and telecommunting for work, robotic organic agriculture) and distributed renewable generation from rooftop solar, biomass to biogas, and small to medium local wind power.

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