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April 04, 2007



Dear Greg

Great idea..Here is my idea on getting off the grid cheaply

I am thinking of making my own suncubes, by using recycled fresnel lenses from flat broken flat-screen TV's, as well as using cheap broken or chipped solar panels from whatever sources, and fixing them by resoldering the wiring together onto a plywood backing. If that does not work I want to focus my array of cheap recycled fresnel lenses, onto a stirling engine or some kind of step-up stage steam engine.

If anyone has any other idea on how to make this simple and cheap so we can be independent, please let me know

P.S 911 was an inside job - watch 911 mysteries on video.google.com for free for proof

Josh Manning

Must not have had that much impact, haven't seen them around as of yet. Maybe a late start. The thing is about solar power technology is that it's developing so fast now, once you come out with a product and finally market it, there's already the next big thing.

make solar panels

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