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April 21, 2007


Bruce Long

"will facilitate the separation of the carbon dioxide prior to combustion in the turbine generators"

WOW this is a major breakthrough. Seperation of Co2 BEFORE it is created. What will those Shell guys come up with next

John F.

"separation of the carbon dioxide prior to combustion" sounds weird, but it's not an error.


"In IGCC plants, carbon can be removed from the syngas before combustion to create a high-hydrogen fuel, effectively eliminating carbon dioxide emissions."

Aside for CO2, other pollutants like NOx, PM, and heavy metals are easier to remove before IGCC combustion than from flue gas after conventional combustion.

John F.

URL was truncated. The last part should be benefits.htm (click here).


Knew that the water gas shift was used to create the best balance of CO and H gases from gasification. Never crossed my mind that it would be best used to completely eliminate and seperate the CO side - would have assumed extra economics of seperating out CO2 from H2 would have made it a futile effort.


CO2 and H2S are both captured in amine scrubbers.  Separating them costs money; it is relatively easy to co-sequester them if e.g. deep-well disposal is available.

Robert Hargraves

How is the carbon dioxide to be stored in the North Sea?

George Bruce

"How is the carbon dioxide to be stored in the North Sea?"

down an oil well, where it will stimulate production.


"Powerfuel PLC...has signed an agreement with Royal Dutch Shell PLC to use Shell's patented technology to build a near-zero carbon emissions coal-fired power station."

How do we find out what "near-zero" means, both in terms of reduction and actual amounts of CO2? The same question also pertains to NOx and other pollutants. What is the magnitude of the benefits proposed here?


"Near Zero" means they produce around as much CO2 as a normal coal fired power station - they're just pumping it under the north sea, to replace the big holes where north sea oil is being pumped out.

The only way to find out exactly how much CO2 will be released is to ask the designers just how far they're taking the water gas shift.
CO + H2O = CO2 + H2 and all that crap.

OK, I don't know much about this but as a equilibria type reaction, they probably won't take it above 96%(guessing) right hand side and combust the rest of the CO with the H2.

Compared to normal coal fired, coal gasification to CC turbines is plugged as producing none at all - probably talking about reduction ratio 1:1000ish up in SOx and NOx- Again, don't take my word on it.

The whole 'clean coal' concept has been around for ages, just no one has built them because theres too much uncertainty over the overall effectiveness of the entire system (LCA).

Just Thought - This is probably being built on the back of UK politics from last season, rather than for any breakthrough; (not that u lot in US will give a crap about it but);

1) ALL - and I mean ALL - the UK nuclear stations are reaching there sell by date. We built what - 3, 4? nuclear stations since the 1970's?

2)Blair has had to ORDER his researchers to consider nuclear power in recent reports, because all his underlings told him last year that we don't need nuclear - that there are enough significant alternatives

3)Last winter (or was it 05-06?), at peak demand , every single UK station was running at full. If a single station has to shut down, there would have been a power shortage - partly due to nuclear and coal stations that have been decommisioned.

4)There is STILL no long term system set up for disposing of UK nuclear waste - at least not as much as we produce. Eventually they will stick it underground - or sell it to Norway....

Overall I reckon a lot of people working for the government are probably pushing hard to get some new stations up to prove a point about nuclear - too many people in Wales are dead against it cus there're the fuckers that got blow back from chernobyl.
I mean it was only a couple of sheep FFS....

Kit P

If we can use the word clean with solar and wind, I do not see why the coal industry can use it based on looking at LCA based on marketing.

The point of LCA is to actually read them so you can mitigate the environmental impact of the choice you pick. I do not have problem with solar in the desert or wind in the middle of a monocrop. I can understand why these folks do not think wind is better than coal.



Yeah can't see people letting those get built out there back garden,
Offshore only for that kindo size,

Kit P

Way off shore.


As engineer poet points out.

Instead of creating elaborate scrubbers, and seperators, drilling underneath the bottom of the ocean, and hauling CO2 down there.

Perhaps a simpler solution would be just to switch to BioCoal, which doesn't contain any of the mercury, sulfur, heavy metals, and carcinogens.

Charred biomass maintains roughly 90% of it's original energy content, without all the nasty smoke causing bits.

Performance-wise it's just as good as Coal.


And ultimately it's also the fuel-of-choice for Direct Carbon Fuel Cells, due to it's regularized structure and lack of impurities.

And Direct Carbon Fuel Cells can process BioCoal at 80% effeciency. (Way above the 35% for normal coal power plant, or 55% for IGCC)

And it doesn't even need water to operate.


The other cool part is that for the pollutants you do need to worry about i.e. PM and NOx

Those can easily be "scrubbed" by algae, and turned into MORE biomass. Which can then be dried, then charred, by cogenerated heat.


Would be dirt cheap compared to IGCC with CCS, and Nuclear.

kit p

Oh wow, simple and cheap. Look like a good business opportunity for GreyFlcn and E-P.


If outfits like Direct Carbon Energy didn't already have the rights sewn up, I might have made a go for it.









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American Attorneys

awesome idea build a near-zero carbon emissions coal-fired power station. awesome.
please explain how is the process to do this???







xl pharmacy

I hope that they aren't using nuclear power. because what happened on Japan, it is making people dislike that kind of energy.


The UK unit of oil giant Shell has signed a license agreement with Powerfuel that entitles the company to use Shell’s proprietary gasification technology in its proposed 900MW integrated gasification combined cycle coal-fired power station in Hatfield, South Yorkshire.


K unit of oil giant Shell has signed a license agreement with Powerfuel that entitles the company to use Shell’s proprietary gasification technology in its proposed 900MW integrated gasification combi

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