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April 13, 2007



I dont think it would surprise anyone if the Japanese take the lead on n-BEV (nano-lithium BEV). Their whole philosophy is markedly different from American car makers, and European ones too. For the Japanese, innovation means opportunity, and pride in perfecting a new technology for their beloved customers. For the Americans and Europeans, new technology means uncertainty, fear of the unknown, extra risk, and dislocation in business.

GM could easily spinoff an n-BEV operation and manage this breakthrough as a separate entity. But no, they fear the cannibalisation, and they want to first perfect something so ordinary as how to package safe Li-ion batteries, before they make up their minds if the customer wants it or not.

I will not be surprised if the Japanese, followed by the Koreans/Chinese and possibly Indians win the BEV wars hands down, and the rest of the industry just tries to play catch up.

Roger Bedell

It takes a lot of commitment to make a superior product - I doubt if the established American car companies have this. Likely, the current top execs made it to the top by selling Excursions and Suburbans in the early 00s - hybrids, plugins, and EVs are just green washing to them. Maybe the new EV companies Tesla et al have a chance with enough backing, and enough brain-power, although pure EVs have their problems as well. Its great to see this move by Nissan-NEC however, I'm still waiting for my Japanese engineered, Chinese manufactured, low cost, 5 seater, 200 mile range, 10 - 15 minute quick charge, 8 hour home slow charge, 150,000 mile battery life, family car.


This is good news for the EV market in general. This will drive competition to new heights. Well atleast one would hope so. ALTI and A123 better get off their arses and kick it into high gear. Looks like the gauntlet has been thrown with an attached year of 2009. Can't wait to see those battery specs.


This is great news. I'd love to see Detroit get their butts kicked and then get put to rest once and for all. Harsh, yes, but they and the oil companies have been fighting more stringent CAFE standards for years. Deserves them right !

Harvey D.


Your 5-seater dream car seems to be just around the corner. However, it may be Chinese engineered and 100% Chinese built.

It may not be sold in USA/Canada for many years. The Big-3, UAW memebers, Oil Cos, corn farmers, ethanol producers, lobbies and politicians will all find reasons to block and/or delay its import.

China may voluntarily delay the export to satisfy their own growing need and not to overly increase USA's trade deficit.


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st multinational automaker??? because Nissan would eventually grow to include 74 firms, and to be the fourth-largest combine in Japan during

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