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April 11, 2007



*Which* studies? You can't just make a claim like that without sources. There's already too much hot air in this industry.


On the bottom right.... in german. This is from the homepage of the parliamentary part of the germans green party.

Them and Stawag (the local electric utility of my hometown) commisioned a studie which was carried out by two german institutes that sais just that. The EU could replace all(!) natural gas usage with biogas by 2020. Not just the imports from russia. This study had quiete some coverage in the german press.


Using the biogas with double the efficiency, in solid oxide fuel cell/turbines would certainly help reach that goal. The waste heat would do the heating/cooling. For maybe triple total efficiency.

Use the cO2 in algae growing solar collectors and even less biogas is needed. And the cO2 is not released. But actually recycled. Come on German greens, show US how it's done. Your country still has the capital to do it.

Bush has spent all our cash on oil war and contractors. And tax cuts and subsidies (to outsource our jobs)for the corporate citizens.


Unfortunatly the green party is no longer part of the government. Also there are some legal issues that currently restrict Biogas from beeing fed into the (german) grid.

But I'm slightly optimistic nontheless and so is the stockmarket. Well, at least these two companies which represent a relativly small market share are way up already:
Biogas Nord

Paul Dietz

One interesting thing about biogas manufacture is that about half the carbon in the biomass ends up in CO2, not methane. If this is sequestered, biogas production would be strongly carbon negative, even if the CO2 from the combustion of the methane were not captured.

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